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Women take over the news desk, Property Taxes, and Taking off Baby Weight

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Good morning!
Pat’s in the Windy City, and the women took over!

I was really glad to have Elizabeth Klinge help me out on the anchor desk this morning – it’s not easy reading all that news by myself!
I’m curious what you all think of an all-female news team?? (except for Traffic Man Brad!)
Before I worked here I anchored an all-women newscast in Champaign, Illinois, and viewers seemed to dig it.

Here are a few of our big stories today –

Hate standing in line? This is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year at the Polk County Treasurer’s office – property taxes are due Monday!
As promised, here’s a link where you can pay your property taxes in Polk county online. THERE IS A SERVICE FEE FOR THIS! It depends on the amount of your taxes.
Also – if you’re a new homeowner, don’t be confused! If you pay your taxes through your mortgage (an esgrow account) you don’t have to do anything at the treasurer’s office! Here’s a link to frequently asked questions – I found this pretty helpful.


Everyone wants a piece of Iowa! New York Gov. George Pataki, Indiana Sen. Even Bayh, and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama are all hitting Iowa this weekend – and John Kerry comes to ISU Monday.

What is it about Obama, anyway? He’s got CHARISMA with a capital “C” – people go nuts over him! Something about his demeanor is really appealing, and impressive (and his family story is intriguing too)


Video tape of an attack on a civilian truck convoy in Iraq offers evidence that soldiers protecting the civilians abandoned them during an attack. One of them was an Iowan from Jefferson, who was shot to death. The military says policies have now changed. That’s probably small confort to the victim’s family.


New reason to get rid of your baby weight (besides wanting to fit in your skinny jeans again!) A medical study finds moms who gain as little as 7 pounds between pregnancies, increase their risk of complications in their next pregnancy!
How about you moms out there – was it hard losing the baby weight? I know I’ll invite plenty of hate mail for this, but I actually weigh less now than before getting pregnant (with either of my kids). I really think the breastfeeding helped me lose the weight, but the biggest factor – I’M TOO DARNED BUSY TO EAT!


Who doesn’t want to be rich?? Apparently we women are more likely to make excuses about not taking charge of our finances! This morning I did a live interview with NBC Today Show Financial expert Jean Chatzky (I really like her!)

She has a new book out giving women motivation and help overcoming financial fears, and showing you how to manage your money and build wealth. I was sad to discover I’ve already made some pretty dumb money mistakes – but I feel better knowing she made plenty of her own too! I think she offers some really good, practical, easy-to-understand advice.


Darnit, I knew I’d forget!! Today I mentioned on the air that I’d take a new photo of Brad Ehrlich to put on the blog – someone commented yesterday that our picture of him looks weird, and he agrees – he hates that shot! But I let him leave today without getting the new picture – I’ll have to pin him down next week.


Since lots of you have said you enjoy glimpses behind the scenes here, I thought I’d introduce you to a working Channel 13 mom you never see on the air! Melissa works in our promotions department – the other day she and I went to the East Village to shoot a promotional spot.

Her baby boy Grant is 6 months old, and she says she feels really lucky to work for someone who allows her to fit in parent duties when needed! We had a good time trading baby stories… I think it’s SO helpful to have co-workers in the same boat!


So glad the weekend is here! Jeriann’s going to Wisconsin for a huge Oktoberfest party, Pat is visiting family in the Chicago area, and I’ll be hanging around DM with my kids, looking for ways to keep them busy!

I also have a few things to get ready for Clara’s first birthday on Tuesday. Cal has already been wearing the party hats I got for the tiny party we’re planning for her! I don’t think he’ll care WHOSE birthday it is, as long as there are cupcakes, kids, and party hats!

Have a great weekend – see you all Monday!



  • Anonymous

    Good Morning Guy and Dolls! haha! I think “all of you” did a wonderful job as usual. You too Mr. Brad :) I’m sure it would be a much different story if you didn’t get along so well. The chemistry you have with one another speaks for itself. Us viewers Love You so it really doesn’t matter which one of you were sitting there. It was a nice change of pace from the daily routine. Have a fun and Safe weekend Everybody!! -Brenda E.

  • Anonymous

    Oh one other thing I think the new weather commercial is CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! you know the one… Jeriann passing out the umbrella’s TOO CUTE! Did I say?!?,,,, Ok, yeah I know But it is and you are. lol-Brenda E.

  • Heather R.

    Okay so I totally watched the news this morning and I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I was seeing everything correctly. Im used to waking up and having you and Pat there, but Elizabeth was there today! Fantastico job ladies! I totally dig the way you all can fill in and totally make it run smoothly… Great chemistry as Brenda put. I agree with Brenda, the commercial is awesome. I like how we can have locally filmed commercials, verses ones in a different state. Oh I dont know if I ever say this, but when I hear the new day song come on w/ you, Pat, Merideth & Matt come on, I so totally love it! I dance to it everytime.. I know I know.. Weird!Have a great weekend and have fun shopping… If you need good birthday cake or cupcakes, Costco makes killer cakes!!! Cheap to!! Cant wait for monday!HI Brad!

  • Paul

    Elizabeth does a great job!!!! Pictures of baby Grant? Brad, way to keep us up to date. Any details on what is planned for 2007 road construction?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Trisha, it wasn’t as hard to lose the baby weight as people say it is. I will definitely say that my body has a new shape to it…more curvy…but the scale says I’m right back where I started.

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Such nice comments you guys! I’m glad you liked the “guy and dolls” newscast as Brenda puts it! I like the new commercials too – Jeriann did a great job! And the “New Day” one captures how much fun we have (most of the time!) on the early shift. Paul – I’ll ask Melissa if she’ll share a baby Grant photo! I also have a couple new ones of my newborn nephew if anyone cares… I may add them next week. And to “anonymous” – about the baby weight issue – I should have added that I’m definitely not exactly the same shape as before – but weight isn’t the problem, just where it all landed post-baby! I really expected it all to be much worse than it was…I think I pictured that I’d feel like a whale forever! And – to the person who wrote in yesterday’s comments about Brad, yes, he really does smile that much. He seems to be one of those unique creatures who can honestly thrive on very little sleep! (did you know he works at Habitat for Humanity in addition to WHO-TV and radio? The guy never stops!) Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks for writing.TS

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