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You Say Potato. He says Pataki.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

New York Gov George Pataki officially opened his PAC headquarters in Urbandale. The 21st Century Freedom PAC (insert Mel Gibson’s famous line–not the one to the California cop–the one from Braveheart…”They can’t take away our fr-r-reedom!”)

BTW, I can’t seem to find anyone who remembers a possible candidate opening up a place in Iowa this early in the pre-presential race.

We’ll have plenty of time to find out what Pataki is all about (You know the election IS still more than 2 years away). So today I started him off with a real hard-hitting question…. “Governor, how do you pronounce your name?” His response (phonetically), “Pa-TAH-kee”. There you have it. Straight out of the horse’s mouth. Or elephant, in this case.

Here’s the release:

16 New Members Join Team in Iowa

Urbandale, Iowa – Governor George E. Pataki, Honorary Chairman of 21st Century Freedom PAC Iowa, today announced that several new members have joined the PAC’s Iowa Leadership Team. Noreen F. Bush, who worked on the Iowa ’04 Victory Team, is the new Operations and Steve Sukup, business owner and former candidate for Governor, has been named Co-Chair of the Leadership Team. They join 14 new grassroots advisors to help the Governor’s get out the vote efforts for November.
“November is a very important election for Republicans in Iowa and across the nation,” said Governor Pataki. “To achieve victory, we need to work together to remind people of the core beliefs of our party: lower taxes, smaller government, a strong defense and individual freedom. Our Iowa Leadership Team has been working hard at that and with the addition of our new team members, we will be able to spread that message even farther.”
Earlier this week, Governor Pataki announced that Craig R. Schoenfeld has been named Executive Director of the 21st Century Freedom PAC Iowa. Mr. Schoenfeld will direct the PAC’s Get out the Vote program to elect Republicans across Iowa this fall.
Craig was a key member of George W. Bush’s 2000 Presidential Caucus Team, served as the Political Director of Iowa Victory 2000, and he was a key advisor to Bush-Cheney ’04.
These latest additions join existing Leadership Team members: Stew Iverson, former State Senate Majority Leader; Ed Failor, Jr., Executive Vice President of Iowans for Tax Relief; Loras Schulte, Benton County Republican Chairman; and JoEllen Hill, Republican campaign manager and activist.
Paid for by 21st Century Freedom PAC Iowa.


Craig R. Schoenfeld, Executive Director, 21st Century Freedom PAC Iowa
Noreen F. Bush, PAC Operations Director
Steve Sukup, Leadership Team Co-Chair
Adrianne Branstad Polk County Activist,
Carole Chambers Polk County Activist, Business Leader
Sandy Harmel Cedar County Activist
Ann Hunter Polk County Activist
David Kepler Hamilton County Activist
Barb Knight Linn County Activist
Christine Hensley Des Moines City Council, Civic Leader
Steve Noah Former Executive Director, Republican Party of Iowa
Melissa Vander Plaats Polk County Activist
Kathy Potts Linn County Activist
Arlette Quinn Linn County Activist
Marc Ward Des Moines School Board President
Stephanie Wells Former Executive Director, Polk County Republican Party


  • Anonymous

    Wrong place, I know…Does it seem that in a political debate, every time Chet Culver says something he thinks is intelligent or particularly disparaging to his opponent… he smiles a s$%! eating grin.Made me particularly sick on Monday.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not the right PlaceAre these people even real. What kind of life do they live. I sure wish I had their problems. Let them be in my shoes. A single mother trying to make it through college and just to stay alive in this world. There is no enforcement on those dead beat parents that just get off scott free with out paying a dime for their kids. Also what about this so called help they give people like me. I have even had social workers tell me it is designed to keep me poor. Really can you live off $300 dollars a month. My electric bill alone is $303.26 a month. People take toilet paper for granted when they don’t have to go with out it. Where is the help for those who are trying to better them sleves. There is no help out there. Also what about those jobs out there. Even with a 2 year degree I get the door in my face because I don’t have the experience. Why in the heck did I pay the cost for college (which is about the same price as a house). I am resorted to wanting to own my own business very talented in my own right I know I can do it. Though when I go to see how I get the door shut in my face to. In my area if you are not mexican you are not getting in their area because it is call the Latino district now. I am a AMERICAN what does it matter what color of my skin is. So I guess I will keep dealing with the abusive bosses because they can get away with it. And when my child suffers from my stress because of it I am sure the state wont mind taking her from me Right. I think these cookie cutter, million dollar pocketed, never had a serious problem in their life people just need to wake up. I dare them to come stay a week in my life and really see how hard it is to be a REAL AMERICAN. I work my hind end off so that these people can sit and eat a steak dinner. Really why are they paid what they are paid. Let them live off the 8.00 dollars an hour that a college grad gets. Try to support your family on that. OH yeah right you couldn’t because you would have to live in a tiny house and drive a car that kill our enviroment even more. So I guess what I am trying to say. Help those who help themselves. See things in someone elses eyes. Your country is only as good as your weakess person. And last I check we still have homeless people. I just Dare One any One to live what I am living and then still tell me that it is ok. Wishing there was a REAL person to vote for. No wonder why people my age don’t like voting. Put up someone we can believe in.

  • Gisela

    The first comment just seems like such an absolute waste of time. Can we please talk about something important. Who gives a whit about somebody’s smile. Come on, is that really important? You should be ashamed of yourself, especially in light of the second comment. This is probably a pretty common story. I am lucky and don’t have to worry much about money. I say lucky, because I haven’t worked any harder and I am not any smarter than some of those struggling families. I just got lucky to have a great job. Dave, you need to do a story on the second blogger. Hook her up with the politicians and see what they say.

  • Anonymous

    Couple of things with respect to the young lady struggling.First, perhaps her inability to get a better than minimum wage job despite a 2 year degree might have something to do with her appalling grammar skills. A real specific suggestion for her to help herself is to endeavor to improve her ability to communicate. She can do this for free by checking out books from the library. Second, sadly, a two year degree is pretty meaningless in the real world marketplace. People with 2 year degrees compete with people with high school diplomas for the same jobs. You need to get a 4 year degree to get a higher wage job. A very specific suggestion for her to help herself is to finish her college education. That more than anything will make a tremendous difference in her wage earning capacity. It’s a LOT easier than it used to be.Third, I think her expectations of the purpose of welfare are incorrect. Welfare was intended as a temporary bit of help, not a full time lifestyle that will pay all of your bills. It is intended that people work and perhaps have supplemental support – not replacement wages for NOT working.I was a single Mom with two kids and a former husband who was a deadbeat dad. Yet, I did all that I suggest above. It can be done. No one can do it for you and no one really cares if you do or don’t. You have to care about it more than anyone else. View it as survival of the fittest, or destruction of the weakest. Are you weak or strong? It’s all in your own capacity to do. It’s not any one elses responsibility. They didn’t get those millions doing absolutely nothing. My experience is that millionaires earn every dang dime of it and are fully entitled to reap the reward of their own efforts. You can too. It’s called the American Dream.

  • Retired Randy

    To the person that said, “Welfare was intended as a temporary bit of help, not a full time lifestyle that will pay all of your bills.”You’ve never received “welfare” have you? If you had, you’d know she was right and you’re DEAD wrong. WHY?For every dollor you make and “try” and get a head, the welfare system takes that much away from you while you struggle to get another job or better your current go-no-where job!!! They DON’T want you to make more than $300 a month. PERIOD.Let’s hope YOU never have to go on welfare, as you would certainly get a RUDE AWAKENING!Though I would say this to the girl on welfare…..”you say you’re struggling – I say BULL. Why would I say that? Well, let’s see, your on a computer ($500), on the internet ($15 a month). sO, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND FIND A BETTER JOB”!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lesson learned…don’t get on welfare. You are correct. I did not and would not. Who wants to be intertwined with the state in every aspect of your life telling you how to live in order to get their mere pittance of support. Most people never need welfare or have ever had to include the DHS as a fixture in their lives. There is a reason for that. It’s not an accident. Are you weak or are you strong? Weak people blame others for their oppression or lack of economic viability. Strong people suck it up, check their ego at the door, muscle up and do what needs done to make a life for their kids and themselves that is not dependent on others. Empowerment is a great thing. No one can give it to you. You have to BE it. Care more for yourself and your child than anyone else in the world and you will rise above like a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s the American Dream and is likely the only country where you can rise so far from so low a place. That’s the hope you need to hang on to.

  • Anonymous

    To those it was not my choice to go on welfare. I am not a person who likes to be on welfare. To the person in response to the me being on the computer and internet. Well it comes down to my school provides it since they are a school that does everything through computer and internet. To the lady who says to get my 4 year degree, I do plan on going on for another two years. I really don’t see my choice not to. As like you said that I am just competing with the people who have a high school education. The reasons for the welfare fustration is that they don’t even help you just stay up with the bills just for a short period they drive you more in debt even if you are on it for just a few months. So when I do get a job I will be spending several months trying to play catch up more than anything. I consider my self a strong person and I have worked hard for what I have. My last job I would work 17 hour days just to keep up with my bills. To the point were I never seen my child and I never got sleep. The sad part is I only have 3 bills and it is usually the bills most people take for granted. I don’t have the extras like most people and it doesn’t even bother me I just want to be able to pay for the ones that help me live. I know there is a lot of people out there that abuse the system and like you I don’t care for those people. I am more talking about the people who are trying to better themeselves and trying to get out the problems that they are in. I am the lucky few that have never dealt with credit cards or any thing like that. So I have a lot less to dig out of them most of those people who are taking welfare and are begging for more. Though when I am told by a promise job worker that I can not just take the average fast food job because it wont pay my bills and I wouldn’t stay there for ever what am I to do. I already tried telling them just let me get something so I don’t have to be on this state aid. Even working my last job where I was at for 2 years I had social worker after social worker that I would be better off quiting my job and staying home because at least I know how much is coming in each month. I am just simpliy stating that these people don’t care about the people who are trying and want to be better because they just look at everyone the same. I am so sick of how they run things that I am even trying to get a job with DHS just so that maybe I can make a difference in how people see things. I think I am a strong person I have lived through more than an person my age should have. I have seen things that could make peoples stomachs turn 10 times over and I have to take it as just another day. That is ok that some people think they are better than others. But the real fact to this that us American’s struggle more than anything. Why is our politians over paid? Why are these people who work in public servent offices get paid millions a year? Maybe it is because I am young and I have not got a full understanding of politics but as a young adult it has to start somewhere. Nothing will ever change until the people in my generation starts to stand up for what we want. My parents thought it was all about your job and what you did. My generation is starting to think it is more about family and the job will come second. I have even been told I couldn’t have a job because I said that my daughter will always come before my job. They would just say that I am not what they are looking for. Is it so wrong that I care about my family and want to be there for my family? I am providing them a service they do not own me, no matter how much they would like to think so.

  • Amy

    There has got to be a business owner out there willing to give this gal a chance. Won’t someone step up and give her a job while she is struggling to better herself. Has compassion been forgotten. In Matthew it says, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Rather than blaming and condemning, remember that when talking about values.

  • Anonymous

    I sure hear the pain in that young ladies voice. She describes the extreme difficulty if making any ends work by having a child so young, before she finished her education, before she got a good job and was established and before she had proper housing and a husband to properly care for her child and raise her family without being in poverty.That milk is spilled and she can’t take back any of those choices, but I will share this sad story with my 19 year old daughter as a real life example of what happens when you do things out of order.They keep saying that having a child out of wedlock or experience that the father is completely absent and not financially involved is almost a guarantee of poverty. I think they were probably right as she describes her difficulties.Unfortunately, if you stop working and go on welfare and have gaps in your employment history, you’ll find it even tougher for anyone to give you a job.DON’T LISTEN TO SOCIAL WORKERS! I highly recommend you stay employed somewhere, even a fast food place. You can move up in a fast food place. The Asst Mgrs and Mgrs make non-poverty wages as do the convenience stores. Wal-Mart even does ok. You can move up but you have to start somewhere at the bottom, work hard and move up the chain.Ignore the social workers and keep moving one foot in front of the other. Social workers have no track record for helping anyone. This too shall pass. Keep us informed. I’m curious about you now and want to know you are alright.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry to the man who thinks my English is so bad for him that he can’t even stand to read it in the first place. If that is the case you are a free American you do not have to read it. As a person who did data entry and supported the whole company basically on my own for two years I have learned to character type not grammar type. As a person who can type over 100 wpm and typing on a blog I am sorry it is not up to par for you. Though I am not stupid as for my GPA proves that I am not. Not very many people like me can go their first year in college with a 4.0 GPA, though I am so sorry to disappoint you. I will try harder thank you for the constructive criticism.To Amy thank you for your support also, it is true that now day’s people will not give anyone a chance. This is part of the reason why I decided to return to school to obtain a degree. Then maybe just maybe I would have a fighting chance in this world. To the next lady, I admit I was young when I had a child I wasn’t barely 18 when I had her. It was one of those wedding plans were in full swing and then the last moment he decided to walk away. I also speak to young ladies about the things I have done and the mistakes I have made. Though at the same time I also tell them that is the mistake is made it is not the end of their life. I finished high school and I went on to college. Honestly if it wasn’t for the desire in me to be a good role model for my child I don’t know if I would have done that. It all depends on the woman and how she is able to deal with her mistakes.The reasons behind me posting in this blog, is because I would like to see a politician who cares about his people. I would like to see someone in office that is not about the money he will make or what he will gain. This country has lost a lot of morals and values that it almost makes me sick. Since when did it come acceptable to see half naked people on T.V? When did the curse words you hear on T.V. acceptable more today then they were yesterday? I am all for freedom of speech but at the same time do we have to make it so negative? Look at the ad’s that these politicians’s are putting on T.V. I have yet to see a positive ad yet. They always start out with this other guy is this crappy for this reason and this is why I am better. Do you really need to start your ad in that way? Why can’t you just come on say what you want to do for the people and say I approved this message and be done? Eventually it will get to the point that unless you have a million dollars in your pocket you will not be able to get a head in this life. I still stand by that I just want someone to believe in.

  • Bill

    I think you should contact Price and visit with him. We want to know more about you and as someone else said, we want to know you are all right even if the politicians don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Bill,I probably would if I was one of those people who were just looking for their five minutes of fame. That is the last thing that I am wanting, I guess I just want to open the eyes of the people that are blind, and that way they can really see what is going on in this world. I am sure that Price the good journalist that he is would want to toss a camera in front of my face. I assure you that I am ok as I am use to dealing with the downs as well as the ups in my life, you may find my life a little crazy. To me it is just life and it is something I have to deal with everyday. I just want people to know that there are a million other people in this world that are just like me. It will not change until someone stands up and sheds the light on the situation.

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