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Good morning…

Historic, That’s the word people (including us) keep using to describe what happened last night. It is of course. As I said yesterday, we’re making history with our votes.

I won’t go over all of the results again. If you want them you can click on our results page( this may only be up for a few hours).

I’m sure Trish and I have some thoughts to share about election night and the morning after.

Governor’s Race:
Culver wins convincingly. The questions now…will he be an effective and visionary chief executive or will he(as some people predict) be woefully unqualified for the job?
We spoke with The Register’s David Yepsen who says he thinks Culver has grown quite a bit as a candidate. We’ll see how much.
Don’t expect a big honeymoon. There’s a lot to be done.

About Rep Nussle. He showed grace and class in his concession last night. I wonder what this race would have been like if it hadn’t gone so negative. Would we have seen more of Culver’s growth and Nussle’s poise? Too bad we got a name calling contest.

November Surprise:
The surprise everyone is talking about is in the second congressional district. 15 term incumbent Jim Leach lost. If this isn’t an indication of the mood of the electorate..I don’t know what is. We just went from one of the most Republican delegations in the state to one split down a diagonal line.

Did you notice how hot and sweaty Secretary Culver looked at his victory rally? Pat has a tip from personal experience – carry a “sweat towel” everywhere you go! It’s Pat’s trademark around here during the warm weather months. I think it’s much better than going on camera shiny, or worst of all, dripping! -TS
I learned this from my Uncles on my Mom’;s side. they all carry a towel in the summer. I started doing it as a reporter. Seriously, people wonder if I’m having a heart attack sometimes. No, I reply…I’m just a sweaty Irishman.
As a man who sweats more than Albert Brooks in Broadcast News I sympathize with Culver. I mean it looked like someone dunked him in the Des Moines river. I know the feeling. I’ve been in those ballrooms. If you’re on stage or on a riser(where they put the reporters), all the hot air is right in your face.
Here’s the thing….somebody get this guy a towel! It could have been a real populist thing during the campaign…Our Governor elect works himself into a lather but has this towel around his shoulder he can wipe his face off. You know hard working…roll up the sleeves kinda guy.
Think of it…everyone in the crowd could have a towel too…the Culver version of “the terrible towel”.
Isn’t the Gov from Pittsburgh? Should he have thought of this?

The Grassley you don’t know:
I am embarrassed to admit I hadn’t heard this. Iowa Sen Chuck Grassley’s grandson Patrick was elected to the Iowa House of representatives last night. This guy is 22. He beat another 22 year-old Democrat. The two apparently both lost elections at their respective colleges for student body president. I’m sure Democrats are thinking…”Oh great…another Grassley…” The senator is a healthy man who’s still very popular…could he hang in to that seat long enough to hand it over to another Grassley? Who knows…but it must be a source of immense pride for The Senior Senator.

Girl Power
First, I hate that phrase…it sounds…I don’t know…Sophomoric.
Anyway, it doesn’t fit the news Trish shared with me this morning that there are now a record number of women in the US Senate. I liked that tidbit this morning.
Trisha here – and yes, I’m excited about this! There are 16 women in the Senate after this election! I’m always hopeful that some day we women will make up half of our government, just as we make up half (or more) of the population!

A year or two ago I did a report on the lack of women in Iowa politics. (Did you know our state has never had a female Senator, governor, or member of Congress? Seriously. A female Lt. Gov is the closest Iowa has come) Experts I talked with think there’s a problem getting enough women to run for office. They told me women are more likely to get into politics later in life than men, if at all, because of their commitments to their families and children.

This is the part that really struck me though – they also found that women tended to talk themselves out of running because they don’t feel they know enough. Men, however, just jump in feet first, and figure they’ll learn as they go. Women need to be invited, encouraged to run. Men just go for it. I can see that “second-guessing” tendency in myself, and I often find I need to give myself a Stuart Smalley-ish pep talk before I take on something big!
Pat here- Should this surprise any woman reading this? When I get in the car, need to put something together, whatever…I never follow directions…I just follow my instinct and usually get lost or break whatever I’m trying to put together. Sally has to mapquest every one of our trips, she has to read the directions, she looks at all of the information. Makes us a good pair…but it also usually makes her a lot more successful than me. I wonder if anyone’s ever studied that in Women candidates. There maybe fewer of them but I bet they are more successful first time candidates because they’ve mapped out a plan.

Some people like watching baseball, some people admire NASCAR drivers, I like talking politics with smart people. David Yepsen is the Dean of Iowa Politics and he’s a fun guy to talk to as well.
We appreciated him getting up with us this morning to add to our coverage. Speaking of talking politics with smart people, We had quite a debate about some of the ballot issues off camera today. Again, I am lucky to work with people who have thoughtful, reasoned approaches to big questions. It’s fun to debate.
You guys should have heard some of the behind-the-scenes debates Pat, Brad and I were having today during commercial breaks, about some pretty hot election issues! Actually, it’s better that you didn’t hear, since our opinions don’t belong anywhere in a newscast, but I’ll agree that it’s a lot of fun to debate serious issues with smart people.
Does that make us nerds? Or just people who like to think and talk too much? (I’ll take option B)

McCarney Out?
The news that Coach Mac might be out should be bittersweet to ISU fans. I am sure they are frustrated, but be careful what you wish for here. He did a great job getting ISU tot he “next level”. The question everyone needs to ask is who’s next. There may be a great candidate waiting in the wings but before you leap…look how bad the fall could potentially be.

You’re crazy if you think either one of us is going to touch this one with a ten foot pole. The near total ban on abortion failed in South Dakota. Most of the exit polling shows even “pro-life” voters wanted to see an exception for rape, incest and the life of the mother. The Case before the Supreme Court today deals with the federal ban on partial birth abortion. We’ll see if the new Justices (Alito and Roberts) will tip the balance of the court.

That’s how almost all of us at the station feel today! It’s Trisha again – just have a couple of things to add.
I Caught this shot of our assignment editor, Paul Yeager this morning, and thought it summed up how most newsroom employees feel the day after a big election! We’re exhausted, spent, depleted – yet we have to scare up the energy to put all the info together for yet another day of news coverage!
I like Paul for two reasons. One – he doesn’t get annoyed with me for bugging him to get material shot for the morning show, even though it’s usually a pain to fit in – AND two – he has a baby at home too. No one gets that “on-call-all-the-time” pressure like another working parent – or how good it feels to look at that little photo on your desk and know that you have something pretty precious to look forward to when you get home.

I’m the one who feels like a zombie today due to lack of sleep and stressing over election coverage, but I had to share this quick update on my son’s fixation over the life-sized zombie at the mall.
The zombie is gone. Put away for the season. Adios. Now we have a new problem. Calvin is worried that zombies are coming into our house to try to bite him. I’m not sure if he got that idea from the Thriller video, or from a bad dream, but he’s pretty worried about it. I knew this fascination was bound to end badly! I’ve had to tell him over and over that zombies are “just pretend”… They need batteries or they don’t work.
I’m actually starting to look forward to him getting obsessed with Christmas – hopefully he won’t get paranoid about man-eating elves or killer Christmas trees. (sigh…) It’s always something.
Have a good Wednesday – I’m going to try to get a little rest so I feel refreshed for our show tomorrow!
Trisha and Pat


  • Anonymous

    I appreciate the very good work that you’ve all done!!! I think I’d be more crankier with what little sleep you’ve all been functioning on.It inspires me to keep my attitude in check when I see you all “JUST DOING YOUR JOB”.That’s the way to be keep it up!-BRENDA E.

  • Heather R.

    Great election coverage. You gise have been #1 all along!!! I went to bed last night to avoid this whole election talk… I’m the worst person when it comes to this time of year, it drives me insane. Trisha, I think its adorable that little kids can be so obsessed with little things like Zombies. So the suggestion to get him the life size zombie for Christmas wouldn’t be a good idea? :) Just kidding. Have a good day Trish. Good blog Pat!!!Heather.P.S. AWESOME WEATHER!

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