Happy for a friend, sad for myself

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My Grandma Susan was fond of saying, “No time is forever.” The older I get, the more I see the simple truth in that comment. The one constant about life is change, and it’s with mixed feelings that I write about a big change in my friend Courtney’s life.

Courtney is leaving Channel 13 to become Governor Chet Culver’s press secretary. When she told me about the job offer my first feeling was happiness, because she was happy. The next feeling was sadness, because I hate losing Courtney as a colleague. It’s selfish, I know.

This post is dedicated to Court, and her many years of service to WHO-TV. Because her resignation was effective immediately, Courtney won’t have the chance to say “goodbye” to all of you on the air. For that reason, you’ll find a note from her at the end of this post. On your way there, I think you’ll get a kick out of the pictures that were gathering dust in the basement.

Courtney Maxwell 1994 publicity photo

Courtney Maxwell & Phil Scott 1994 Iowa State Fair Parade

Courtney Maxwell 1994 Iowa State Fair

Rob Olson & Courtney Maxwell 1995 publicity photo

“The Women of Channel 13” 1996

Courtney’s last day in 1997, before leaving for Kansas City

Courtney Greene returns to Channel 13 in 2001

Courtney’s Goodbye
“Let me begin by telling the viewers what an honor it has been to bring
you the news; first as a reporter way back in 1992, then as an
anchor/producer in the mid-90s and noon anchor in 2000. This last
position as the co-anchor of Today in Iowa Saturday has been extremely
rewarding. I had the privilege of working with Dan Winters, Jeriann
Ritter and Megan Salois. Dan’s future is so bright, it hurts my eyes.
He is a solid journalist, strong anchor and most importantly, a really
great guy. It has been my pleasure sitting next to him for the past
couple of years. Jeriann is the real deal. Smart, funny, energetic. She
is such an awesome person! And Megan Salois is the All-American girl
next door. She’s very kind and a real gem. I will miss all of them, and
everyone at WHO TV.
That brings me to my new job. I am so excited about being the
Governor’s press secretary that I can’t sleep! First, I look forward to
representing Governor Chet Culver. I’ve known him for a long time, and
I can tell you that Iowa’s new chief executive is sincere, candid,
intelligent, and honorable. However, his integrity is ultimately what
persuaded me to accept this appointment. I am humbled by the
opportunity to stand with him, as part of his communications team, and
share his vision with Iowans. His energy and passion for the state of
Iowa are infectious. It is my hope to engage more young people in the
political process.
Thank you Erin, my friend, for giving me a forum to say goodbye. I know
it’s not really goodbye, because I will still see viewers at the
grocery store, Chuck E. Cheese, and the mall. Thank you to those
faithful viewers who tuned in every Saturday morning. I will miss WHO.
I thank everyone there for a rich and wonderful experience. I am ready
and eager to begin the next chapter in my life. May God bless you.

Courtney Maxwell-Greene”

Feel free to post a comment to Court, or send your well wishes to me in an email and I’ll forward them to her.

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  • Angela Miller

    Courtney you will be missed a great deal! Your chemistry with Dan Winters is undeniable! You are awesome. I am so excited for your new position with Governor Culver. You are very lucky :)

  • Casey

    I really can’t say good bye because I don’t know and I don’t live there. But anytime someone says good bye in tv, its always hard. I wish you the best of luck Courtney in all you do, and I wish I would live in Iowa, so I could have seen you. As for you Erin, it’s very hard, but it will be fine. LOL. I’m sure with your high spirits you’ll get through it! You just wont see her at work, but you can always head to the mall and go shopping or something that you ladies like to do! Again to Courtney, good luck and have a good week both of you ladies!-Casey

  • Anonymous

    Dear Erin: Thanks for the wonderful comments re: Courtney’s departure from 13. We are proud of Court and are proud of you who we consider as another daughter. Luv, Roger and Bunny

  • Heather R.

    Courtney… I have been watching you for a long time. You used to live across from my uncle Norm and Aunt Pick and they still love to watch you on tv. Erin that was such a kind thing to do for Courtney. Like everyone said before, there’s always life outside work. Actually you may have more time! Who knows! It is definatley a great loss to have Courtney leave! But She is encountering a new chapter in her life and that is admirable. Erin, dont ever leave TV! We won’t let ya :) Have a good day!

  • robert_nielsen

    Courtney,I don’t know if you remember, but I met you & your husband at Prairie Meadows one night – I was working in the Prairie Gold Club, and talked to you and your husband for a few minutes. Congratulations on being named as Governor Culver’s new press secretary – what an honor! Our loss is the Governor’s gain, for sure! Good luck in your new position, and I wish you all the best.Sincerely,Robert W. Nielsen

  • Anonymous

    Courtney Congrats! I’ll be honest, I like to sleep in on the weekends so I don’t get to see you on tv much anymore! Erin, I understand how hard it can be. I believe that the people you work with make (or break) your job. So when one person leaves for a new job or other opportunity it is always hard. But, at the same time, maybe someone new will come along? At least Courtney will still be around in Des Moines! Thanks for posting the old pictures! They are great! I grew up watching the channel 13 news, at 5, 6, AND 10 (my friends thought I was crazy), good to see some familiar faces!

  • Anonymous

    I’m gone only a month and Courtney jumps ship! Yes its me, Mags, writing from Michigan. I didn’t think I’d be adding comments, just reading your blog Erin, but when I heard Court was leaving Channel 13 … I just had to leave a message. I, a loyal WHO watcher growing up, watched Courtney the first time around on air. Then the day our former news director pulled me aside (as the weekend morning producer) to tell me Mrs. Courtney Greene was going to be my new anchor I about threw up with excitment! I love you to death Courtney and I miss you each day. Good luck with everything and I’ll always remember your wonderful words as I struggled to find myself as a producer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Good luck and I’ll give you a call when I get back to Iowa! Miss you all!

  • Anonymous

    I have to admitt I kinda have the same selfish feelings as Erin. You’ve been coming into our homes nearly everyday now for years. You are part of our weekend routine,you’ve become a familiar face that we trust your part of a very large family. Chariton loves you and wishes you all the best. Go Culver.

  • Anonymous

    We will miss Courtney very much. I assume she will never again be able to work for WHO? Hey Erin, where’s the blog lately? We miss you too!

  • Heather R.

    I think if Courtney wanted to come back she could. She left for a job that was effective immediatley and shes now working for the state. I don’t think WHO-TV would punish her for taking on a career with much more advancement. But who knows?

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