Flying Solo, Saying Goodbye to Coach Alford and In-Play

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The Centers for Disease Control called this morning wanted to know if it could run a six month study on the petree (sp?) dish we call the Shepherd household. For the record: Trisha’s house is very clean…I think they’ve just been passing around the cold bug all winter. Get well Trish and we’ll see you back here Monday.

In the news:
The chair isn’t even cold yet, and Hawk fans are looking for Steve Alford’s replacement. KXNO”s John Miller is right. This is a sign that Alford’s departure will be celebrated more than it will be mourned in Hawkeye Country. We expect a 3pm(Central) news conference announcing Alford as the New Head Coach at New Mexico.

We heard more from former Senator John Edwards about his wife’s diagnosis of a return of the cancer she was diagnosed with in 2004. Doctors are saying it’s treatable, but for a woman who’s facing the prospect of never being fully rid of the disease, she’s facing the spotlight with a lot of grace. Edwards will continue his presidential bid with his wife campaigning for him. I’ve never met Sen Edwards, but my impression is that this is a partnership. I get the feeling she is as invested in him running for President as the Senator himself is. Here’s to hoping, win or lose, Elizabeth Edwards comes through the campaign as an example that cancer is no longer a death sentence, and that patients can have a lot of hope given the right treatment. She already is in my book.

The big lane shift that was supposed to happen on I-235 this morning downtown never materialized. I guess it was the rain that slowed things up. I went on the DOT website, and there’s no update on why the lanes between Keo and E 6th didn’t shift over…I suppose it will be that way Monday.

Jon Cahill was down at the In-Play next to the Wells Fargo Arena this morning. The adult sized Arcade opens this weekend with a mix of video games, sports bar, virtual reality and even bowling. It’s an entertainment option long overdue in downtown Des Moines.
Speaking as one of the people who doesn’t like to hang out in Court Avenue Meat Markets where smoke, neon, and body shots are the norm; this is long overdue.
It’s not that I don’t enjoy the throngs of ladies in t-shirts that have all manner of bachelorette regalia. We saw one of these ladies in the Hy-Vee last Sunday with a particularly witty t-shirt that said, “Vodka makes my clothes fall off”.

Charming…really charming.

I am officially in the Multi-media Doghouse this morning. A certain media provider in town helped us save a few bucks by bundling our services but we’re off to an auspicious start this morning. the TV, cable and phones are all dead at my house this morning. The only thing my wife really wants is for all of this stuff to work. It will eventually but the hassle is enough to frustrate a person who doesn’t care if you get on demand movies, HBO-Cinemax, HD or High Speed. She just wants to watch the Today show.
It looks to be a technical glitch. I expect spend most of my day on hold hearing the same message over and over again.

One last thing, I would be remiss if I did not mention my good friend Ben Bailey is in town for a Severe Weather Conference hosted by our very own National Weather Service. We went out last night and watched the first set of NCAA games and caught up a little. A little background: Ben and I went to The University of Missouri, and actually shared an apartment at one of our first jobs in Peoria. Because he is not as insane as I am, Ben actually went back to Mizzou for another degree in meteorology. So he’s back in the workforce now, in Detroit. Next time you’re in the Motor City tune him in on their Fox affiliate. Because Ben keeps the same schedule I do, we still talk a lot…no one else to talk to in the middle of the day. Sally and I are happy to have him here in Des Moines.

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  • Heather R.

    If its Qwest or MEDIACOM get rid of them. I will NEVER go through them again. We tend to loose our phone, cable and internet when it rains. Imagine that one!! Anyways, good luck trying to get the that fixed. Have a good weekend Everyone.

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