Brair’s Farewell, Home Sales and What a Day!

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Good Morning!

Well, I say what a day, because we sure had one yesterday. We were guests down at Brad Hook’s Wayne County farm. After an uneventful Chopper ride down, Trish and I went right to work. I’ll save to details for the next few days because we’re going to run clips of the visit every day from now until next Wednesday. We’ll show a larger story on the visit Wednesday morning.
I can tell you we had a very good time.
I can tell you the more time I spend around Brad Hook, the more I like this guy.
I can tell you not to miss the clip of how big he got me to bite on a practical joke.
I can tell you riding around in a tractor is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be ….once I let my foot off the brake.
I can tell you the people of Corydon Iowa are some of the nicest I’ve ever met and that CJ’s serves one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten.
Trisha can add more.

To the news:

Tony Blair is on his farewell tour…at the White House today. not much news here. He and the president will hold a news conference later today that might hold some headline sound bytes.

We did a story answering some of the questions I’ve had for a few years here in the Metro. As the housing boom got bigger and bigger I found myself asking, “Who’s going to buy all these homes?” The slow down in the housing market means fewer homes are being built this year than last…no surprise. It might make it challenging for people to sell a home, and I think particularly if it looks like a lot of other homes. Experts think prices will fall a little here but now a lot. Bottom line is, price the house correctly for market conditions and someone’s going to buy it.

Gas prices made for an interesting debate this morning on the set. Congress was adding to the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere yesterday wanting to talk about whether anyone was getting gouged at the pump. This comes out as TripleA came out with it’s travel forecast for Memorial Day weekend. It says Americans are hitting the road in record numbers again despite gas prices. It says most families will travel fewer miles to get somewhere but we’re still driving. We also found out in this congressional hearing that gas companies are pumping out more refined gas than they did last year, not less…so any of you who think it’s the gas companies plotting to hold prices higher by holding back gas production…think again.
As we talked about yesterday…demand drives price. Trish may have said it best…when we start driving less, gas companies prices will drop.

Hillary Clinton wants your vote on what here theme song should be for her campaign.

And apparently a lot of people are still smoking in Iowa. Tax revenue collection is up 60 percent from this time last year, in large part, because of the dollar per pack increase in taxes.

And finally a reminder…be there tonight from 5-8 at M.C Ginsberg Jewelers in Governor square in West Des Moines.(*see info in Tuesday’s blog) Free cocktails, free eats and we can say hello. Jeriann will be out there, I’ll be there, and I think Trisha’s going to try. We’re all catching ourselves coming and going though so I wouldn’t be offended if a nap she didn’t get yesterday takes priority.

Hope to see you all there!


  • Heather R.

    That picture of Trisha, reminds me of my time on a farm. My dad rented this house down in Worden,IL (a suburb of St Louis) and in 2002 my graduation present from him was 2 weeks down there. He had it planned to the tee, what we were going to do. On the last Friday I was there, we went to Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags. We left at about 10 oclock in the morning. We had a blast at Hurricane Harbor, we were all toasted, and ready to kick back and relax. There were cows, bulls and chickens, on the farm, but my dad was not in charge of them. He was just in charge of the house. We’ll we turned the corner coming down the street and I looked up the driveway, and I said Oh hay dad, there’s cows in your yard, and it all went down from there. Somehow, they had wedged the door open to the barn and climbed through the barn and all the cows including the BULL got out and was roaming through the cornfields and my dads front yard. It was hilarious, you had to be there to see it I guess. Anyways, it took the farmer, once we got ahold of him literally 2 hours to get these cows hearded up and back in, we couldnt get the bull though. He was very tempermental. However, in the mean time, I ran in and took a shower, and I climbed out of the shower and a cow had put his head through the screen of the window in the bathroom and was MOOing. I screamed bloody murder and my step mom came running and she opened the door and lost it. We both were laughing so hard, we couldnt get off the floor. I guess you just had to be there. Thats my farm story. I will try and make it tonight! Hope everyone can make it! Have a good day gise!

  • Trisha Shepherd

    Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been an unblogger today. Got wrapped up in other stuff – including going over all our tapes from the farm! Pat’s tractor attempt is priceless. And you MUST see his reaction to Brad’s practical joke. Pat got punked. I’m lucky that somehow I smelled a rat before it happened! I’m afraid I won’t make it to the fun wine and jewelry deal tonight…. I’d love to be intwo places at once, but tonight Ian’s got about a 1 hour window at home between teaching and “gigging” – not long enough for even a respectable family dinner, let alone for me to sneak away. I hope there’s a great turnout – I really want Pat to win! Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! See you all then.TS

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