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Attacks, Rate Cut, and Back Together Again

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Good Morning!

It’s funny the way the mind works at two in the morning.

I got up, went through the usual routine and went to put some deodorant on…I needed to open a new one and was surprised to see a message waiting for me when I did. “Take a Risk” the stick of Degree advocated as I went to start my day. I almost had to laugh…is this really where I need a pep talk? Is someone, somewhere looking at their stick of deodorant and saying, “yeah, I think I will take a risk today…thanks Degree!”. Nope…

Then I was thinking this could be a new game…like fortune cookies. People say you can attach the phrase, “in bed” to your fortune…it’s pretty funny. Not sure it would work with degree’s little hygienic-self help message but that’s the way the brain was turning at 2:30 this morning.
(It’s Brooke now): Well, day three and I feel like I am starting to get the hang of things again and my body is no longer in complete shock from getting up at 2:30 in the morning. I only pushed the snooze button once which is a true sign that getting up it is getting a little easier. Today was the first time the four of us (Myself, Pat, Jeriann and Brad) were together on the set and it felt really natural. We all agreed that the new team is going to have a lot of fun both on air and during the commercial breaks. Speaking of commercial breaks, that seems to be the time when we really have good dialogue about stories of the day and anything else going that happens to be top of mind.

To the News:

Attacks in West Des Moines

The latest news of a girl being attacked in broad daylight has me thinking a little more about safety. I’ve shared here before that I don’t have a daughter so I’m not sure this is top of my mind. I am starting to think about Sally when she’s out by herself. Thankfully, because of my early schedule, she’s not out late often. The city of West Des Moines is thinking about it too. They’re offering a self-defense class on October 3rd. The class sizer is limited so you have to call to sign up. October 1st is the deadline. Call Officer Tanya Zaglauer at 515-222-3333 to register.

Rates Slashed

There’s a debate going on in most of the papers this morning about the Fed’s move to lower interest rates a half a point yesterday. Good news for your 401k…the Dow went up like a rocket Tuesday. Critics are worried though. I’m not en economist so I’m not sure how it all works but if I understand it right, inflation (devaluing of the dollar) is the worry.

Some of the stories I read this morning called the decision a bold move, they even went so far as to call it the beginning of a new era in the economy. Bottom line for you, if you carry debt of most any kind your interest rate may lower as a result of this move.

(Brooke again): Will you start spending more money? This story is getting a lot of attention because it is an attempt to “correct” housing market problems we’re seeing in some parts of the country. Economist interviewed as part of yesterday’s rate cut stories seem to think that this is a good move because of its “psychological” impact on the country. In other words, it will ease worries that consumers and businesses may have about the economy. However, in the New York Times this morning there was an article about how this rate cut could actually allow people rack up more credit card debt and take out more loans to buy stuff they cannot afford. I guess this is a double edged sword. Either way, Alan Greenspan, the man who really understands the economy, says there is a chance we will have a recession.

Campus Security

The Regents essentially put off a vote on arming campus Police yesterday in favor of putting together a more comprehensive security policy for all of the Regents Universities here.

Speaking of campus security…have you seen the video of the guy getting tasered at U of Florida? NBC Nightly News made this into a free speech issue last night and I disagree. Talk about genuine censorship all you want…I agree there are enough instances of it in the US today. But in this case, this kid got up and essentially started taking over the event with Sen. John Kerry at University of Florida. He has no right to do that. He’s got a right to ask his question,….Kerry has the right to tell him to go scratch. Once that exchange is over…the kid can go off if he likes, but once the Campus police ask him to leave…he can scream his head out all the way out the door, but he has no right to disturb the event that all those other people expected to watch. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre. It’s not an exact fit in this case, but free speech has to be balanced against the rights of the other people who came to hear Sen Kerry speak.

Hold a protest outside, gather a group who’s unhappy with Sen Kerry. Make your argument in a more effective and interesting way than the other guy. If we let anyone get up and say anything anytime they felt like it…that’s not freedom of speech, that’s chaos.

I will argue for someone’s right to speak in 99.9% of the cases, and as I’ve pointed out, this guy had a lot of other ways of expressing his displeasure with Kerry, and exercising his freedom of speech or right to protest…

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Test Market

Jon Cahill did a really interesting story about a new business in town that’s doing market research for all kinds of new products. Anything from TV ads to new foods…kitchen products to the latest electronics might be test marketed through this business.
They chose Des Moines because we’re that middle of the road, Midwestern, fair kind of community. I know a lot of us think of Des Moines and Iowa being behind the curve when it comes to the cutting edge. I think it’s kind of cool that the next big TV commercial or marketing campaign might be chosen because a bunch of Iowans sat down in a room and picked it.

The test market story Jon Cahill did got us thinking that maybe we will be called in to “try out” a product or service. I wonder if you get chosen in the same way as potential jurors.
Brad Ehrlich said market research done in Chicago can be quite profitable for the people who try out the products. He thought they made up to $150 dollars for their time.
Jeriann and I said we wouldn’t mind doing it if it meant trying out new food. Pat thought he would like to do something involving new technology. What would you like to try out?

I’m going to get a nap before I come back for the Noon Show.

Hope you all have a good day and enjoy the weather.
Have a great day everyone. Talk to you tomorrow!

PWD and BB

One more thing. Our Chopper 13 Overhead view was of a corn maze Near Ankeny
Here’s the link:


  • becky m

    Hey Pat…just wanted to let you know that I saw the interview with Joe Cool yesterday and it was awesome!!! Never been a Chiefs or Niners fan either but there is no denying his talent. I love the picture of you with him too.Have a great day blogadeers!!!Hey…where has Heather been, does anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to say what a great job you are doing, Brooke. I think you are a great addition to the morning show.I also think it’s cool that you are already an addition to the blog.Keep up the good work.Jessie

  • Anonymous

    Pat, Re: the guy running his mouth at the John Kerry deal. I’m certainly no John Kerry fan, BUT, I am still a believer that one persons right to swing their arms ends where another persons nose begins. Yes, I do believe in the right to free speech, but I also feel that we our deluged by ignorant BS from a society that more and more becomes the “ME” generation. There is totally room for healthy debate and discussion on every issue, but the disruption of the many by the few vocal “me-ists” is becoming a bit much to bear.

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad you didn’t get JeriAnn to blog today after you mentioned it to her on the air this morning! I was hoping that she would :-(Have a wonderful day everyone!Mandy

  • Patrick Dix

    Sorry Mandy, that’s my fault. Jeriann was pretty tired by the time she was done this morning. She did the evening shows last night then turned around and joined us this morning. We’ll try again soon…PWD

  • Anonymous

    Good question…where in the world is Heather? She used to post every day!Maybe she got tired of all of the “brad bashing” ha ha

  • becky m

    I hear ya, anonymous…aren’t we all a little sick of the Brad bashing? He’s not contractually obligated to blog and if he doesn’t want to or have the time to that doesn’t make him a snob or standoffish…Doesn’t make him any less qualified to do what he does…report the traffic…anything else is no one’s beeswax!!!Got your back, Brad!!!

  • Anonymous

    Pat,I enjoyed the interview with Joe Montana. I have been a Niners fan since I was little. Welcome back Brooke! You all do a great job in the morning! I enjoy watching the show.Have a good day.Mandie

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back Brooke! I watched you the first time you were on the show and am thrilled you are back. Congratulations on the new baby. Enjoy everyday because it goes so fast.Love the show and think you have a GREAT cast!! Keep up the super job. Have a good day.Tammy

  • Anonymous

    Is the GenXMomsBlog going to start up again? If not, I would suggest removing the Blog ID. Welcome Back Brooke. Love ya Pat. Love you to JeriAnne. Brad, I like you two.

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