Dangerous Cold, Compromise in Washington? and Date Dru Peterson?

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It’s Brooke here. Pat will add more later when he gets back.
PD Now: Ok…If anyone complains about our constant focus on the temperatures this morning I may lose it. We deserve it some of the time, but this is crazy. My temperature gage on the dash of my car went from 19 degrees in the garage (cold anyway), to -6 in the seven minutes it took me to get to work!

The only thing that makes this bearable is the fact that it’s going to warm up by the weekend. There was a high in the 40’s in Jeriann’s forecast! So stay focused on the future. And in the meantime, bundle up!
Washington Compromise
These are two words you don’t hear together very often. Republicans and Democrats in D.C. know they have to do something to try to prevent the economy from going into a recession so they are working on a plan that would mainly give some Americans a tax rebate check. The details about how much each family or person will get is still not clear but it would be up to 800 dollars a person and up to 1600 for a family. Income guidelines would decide who gets the money. You’ll likely hear more details soon because lawmakers say they want to hammer out a plan and approve it in three weeks. Some of you could be getting that money by April or May.

Pat and I were debating whether people will actually spend the money or use it to pay off debt. Patrick thinks people will pay their credit card bills using this money, but I tend to think people will see this as an opportunity to buy something they felt they shouldn’t buy or couldn’t afford before they got the money. If you haven’t noticed by now, we live in a country where people LIKE to spend money. If the average person in America has credit card debt of 3,000, then I think it is a sign people will spend at least part of the tax rebate. And THAT is what the federal government wants people to do.

10:30 AM: It looks like Congress has a deal…or at least the House has a deal on the stimulus package. There’s no details as of the writing of this update, but it sounds like the $300 we thought was coming back to most people will be about right. The for income that I heard about were anyone making less than $75,000 or couples making less than $150,000 would qualify.

Date Drew Peterson
This story made me throw up a little in my mouth. The guy totally gives me the creeps. Here’s the scoop. In case you’ve forgotten, this is the Chicago area cop whose third wife is now missing. Peterson says he had nothing to do with her disappearance, but investigators aren’t exactly sure. They think she could have been murdered. Either way, they guy hasn’t done a very good job of portraying himself as a worried husband whose wife is no where to be found. He laughs with reporters and makes jokes about it on national television while maintaining his innocence. Anyway, his latest move includes a pitch to a Chicago radio station called “Win a Date with Drew” contest. Female callers would compete for a chance to go out on the town with Drew Peterson. According to the AP, his lawyer pitched the idea. For real??? The radio station declined.

Nuff said…

Starbucks for a Buck

The folks that brought you the four dollar cup of coffee are going the other way to try and compete with Dunkin Doughnuts and McDonald’s. Seriously, I understand I’m addicted to Starbucks coffee… admitting you have a problem is the first step right? I think that’s a great idea. I also think it’s about time. Starbucks overextended it’s brands and forgot what made it special. The whole idea was that you could really only get Starbucks in the coffee shop, and the specialty drinks were…well special. Now…if you can’t find Starbucks coffee or food, you’re not trying hard enough. I think the company devalued it’s own brand and allowed the rest of the market to elbow in. Now there’s really not all that much that’s special about the brands…and I think we’re seeing the company acknowledge that with this $1 cup of coffee.

Life on Mars

Did anyone else see the pictures…they’re floating around the Internet and some people claim they’re evidence of life on Mars. A rover from NASA took the shot. I see how some people might think it looks like a person or some form thereof…but really people. We’ve been looking at Mars for years and haven’t seen a thing…now there’s just one “thing” up there wandering around? Maybe it’s Elvis.

My brother-in-law from Alaska thinks the world is coming to an end. He came here thinking it would be a little warmer. No such luck. He said Alaska has been experiencing temperatures in the 30’s and there is no snow on the ground where he lives near Fairbanks. Welcome to Iowa Robert!
Have a good day everyone.


  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else remember a few years ago like maybe 10 we had a week of 20 below temps. As I see it we have been very lucky. YESthat was in Iowa I live a few mileseast of Des Moines but I know DMhad it then too.

  • Anonymous

    That is about the sickest thing I’ve ever heard. I thought Drew Peterson was a jerk before, but this makes it even worse!

  • Anonymous

    Getting a tax rebate is all good and fine, but what about next year when it increases the taxes you already owe? For those on the low end of a higher tax bracket, we have a hard enough time paying taxes. This won’t help people in the same boat, it will just make things worse. What about a permanent tax decrease and do something about the darn gas price!Barely breaking even

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha Ha! And they’ll all be lined up *behind him. I’m all for 7th grade humor!The Today Show had a picture of Marvin the Martian on Mars…but I like Elvis myself.

  • Anonymous

    Brrr. This weather makes me want to stay in. I think the warmup will make me want to get out this weekend though. Not sure what we’ll end up doing though.

  • Anonymous

    The rebates for the “middle class” are totally crap. It won’t fix our economy. Really are we that stupid. This is election-year electioneering at its finest.

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