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Dems in Denver, Bye Bye Beijing and Weekend Update

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Good Morning…
Hope you all had as enjoyable a weekend as I did.
Friday night we were at the Science Center’s Annual Auction and helped raise nearly 60-thousand dollars in the live auction. We didn’t get a total from the silent auction but it was a fun night. Sally surprised me by bidding on, and winning a painting by our neighbor Jim Navarro. He’s an incredibly talented artist and she’s always wanted one of his paintings.
It was a quiet weekend otherwise…the boys from WHOTV had the annual Fantasy Football draft this weekend. Can’t say I’m going to win anything but it usually makes it more fun to watch the games if you’ve got some sort of a dog in the fight.
Kudos to the staff over at Felix and Oscars for making us feel so welcome.
We grilled Saturday night for my family and Sally’s family (in town for the SCI event) under what can only be described as PERFECT weather. After a quick goodbye Sunday morning Sally and I went out and enjoyed the sunshine on the driving range before calling it a night. Hope you had a good weekend too.

Dems in Denver
Is it foreshadowing that a tornado blew through Denver the day before the Democrat’s convention starts? I can joke cause no one was hurt and nothing was damaged…but seriously. Does anyone else get the feeling something off-script is going to happen this week. I I were on Sen Obama’s campaign I’d be worried all the way up to the point that Sen Clinton releases her delegates to vote for him.
Two Iowans of note will be at the convention this week. Rep Jim Leach will be speaking tonight. If some of you are doing a double take reading that…you’re right. Leach is a Republican…or was…or is…not sure. Anyway He represented eastern Iowa and has long been considered a moderate at best. If you listen to the hard core republicans in the state…they just consider him a Democrat.
Shawn Johnson will also be at the convention leading the delegates in the pledge of allegiance before Sen Obama is introduced as the nominee. That will cap off a whirlwind week for Shawn.
This seems the appropriate time to put in a plug for the Tuesday night 6pm welcome home hosted by WHO-TV Sports Director Keith Murphy. It’s at Wells Fargo Arena.

Speaking of Keith, congrats to the Soundoff crew on its 600th episode!
Hope you all have a great start to the week. As always any questions comments or concerns…bring em!


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