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Unemployment #’s, New Polling #’s and Inspiring #’s

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Good Morning…

Sorry about the blog yesterday, I needed to get some pre-sleep because I knew I was going to be up late last night. The March of Dimes asked if I would emcee their Signature Chef’s Auction at the Embassy Suites and I was happy to help. I admit to not knowing much about MoD before I agreed to help but as I learned more…I found out I have a vested interest in success here.
For those of you who don’t know March of Dimes is an organization dedicated to, “improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.” I can get behind that goal!

So March of Dimes set a goal of raising more than 146 thousand dollars for last night’s auction. They made a great start by selling out the room with more than 400 people attending! 12 Chefs from around Central Iowa came in and cooked up everything from Spiced Lump Crab Cakes with Cajun Remoulade to Cherry-Smoked Brisket with Grilled Onions and Blue Cheese…um…YUM! That last recipe was actually the judges pick as the winner of the Chef’s Challenge.
The live auction was a big hit that included an inspiring call to action from ISU Athletic Director Jamie Pollard. Jamie’s son was born with some extraordinary medical conditions that kept him in and out of the hospital for years. His story helped drive home the point of the night…making sure babies are born healthy, and when they come early, that they have the best care possible.
Jamie’s talk helped raise more than 30 thousand dollars in about 10 minutes. The incredible generosity in this community never ceases to amaze me. Overall March of Dimes raised more than 192 thousand dollars! Congratulations!
I was so happy to meet so many people who watch the show regularly. It’s nice to hear the things you enjoy, and the things that you don’t. As I always say, if we don’t hear about it, we can’t continue to make it better.

To the News
In about an hour we should get new nationwide unemployment numbers. We saw Iowa’s numbers earlier this week and they looked god. Iowa’s numbers went down August to September and are still well below the national average. That number would probably have been better all summer if the floods hadn’t closed so many businesses. The nationwide numbers may not be as good but we’ll see.
The markets took another dive yesterday as weak earning’s reports from US companies come out. I think Mr Toad’s Wild ride is going to continue for a while. Stay tuned.
New Polling
A new AP poll shows the Presidential race “‘ain’t over till it’s over”. The poll shows Barack Obama with a slim one point lead, not the double digit lead many of the other national polls show. This could be an aberration. It also might be more reflective of the actual situation on the ground. I haven’t heard anyone serious say this race is over, and if you listen, you’ll hear both campaigns echo that message. A good example of a poll’s accuracy might be here in Iowa this year. Read David Yepsen in this morning’s Des Moines Register .
“At this stage of an election, campaigns don’t waste their most precious resource – their candidate’s time – on hopeless states. Strategists in both campaigns say privately that their internal tracking polls of the contest in Iowa show the race much closer than those public surveys. Some of those public polls also have month-old data in them.”

Stay Tuned!

Race for the Cure
I know we’ve been hitting this one kind of hard this week but it really is a great event. This morning we had the people from the Energizer Mobile Spa in studio. The spa travels the country and gives manicures and massages to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Can’t think of anyone more deserving. The Spa is going to be at the Katzman Breast Center today in Clive and then it will be in the area of the start for Race for the Cure Saturday morning.
Hope you’re having a good week!
10am UPDATE:Just got done interviewing a guy named Barry H Landau. He’s a Presidential Historian with one of the best collections of Presidential memorabilia in the world. He’s written a book called The President’s Table: 200 Years of Dining and Diplomacy.
Many of you know how much I love history so a three minute taped interview turned into a one hour conversation. Interesting guy with great stories to tell. You can see him This Friday night at the State Historical Museum’s Gala. Erin Kiernan is hosting. Should be a great night.
Call the State Historical museum for details.
I’m going to sleep!

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    Way to go Patrick for getting behind the MOD. I have a daughter who was born @ 34 weeks and spent a week in Blank NICU. I have been involved with MOD ever since. Hopefully you won’t have to experience the NICU with your babies but if you do, rest assured the past efforts of the MOD have done many things that will impact your future children, it is a great organization.

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