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Olympics, All things Presidential and Weather Mess

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Good morning
I am writing this as a watch the third episode of Glee. Just a refresher for this Wednesday’s episode.

Double Shooting:
In Ames they’re trying to figure out what happened that left two people shot and one person dead. Seems like it was a chaotic situation when police showed up…No word on who the victim is or who the shooter was.

All Things Presidential
And there’s a lot of it.

-The first order of business is Afghanistan. The President meets with his Military and foreign policy advisers today to talk about it. The question is, should we send more troops to Afghanistan? Top Dems say no, and Speaker Pelosi says the American people don’t want more troops in Afghanistan. I’ll put up a new poll…I’d like to hear what you have to say.

-Next up for the President a five hour trip to Copenhagen. He’ll be part of the Chicago 2016 delegation. The chartered 747 with the rest of the delegation left Chicago last night. My question is, how many people does it take to make the case for Chicago. Capacity for a 747 is 416 passengers.

-After that little stopover, The President moves on to that little problem over in Iran. He’ll be in Geneva for talks with Iranian officials and most of the Us’s European allies.

-Finally the LA times ran a story this morning saying a poll went up on Facebook yesterday asking if the President should be assassinated. I’m sorry what? Anyway it’s a felony to threaten the President so the computer genius behind this one is probably going to jail.

iPod Aps
2 billion downloaded, that’s what Apple said about it’s apps today. They’re applications for the iTouch and iPhone. I’ve got thirty or forty on my iTouch and most of them were free. If I can think of a use for the iTouch, they’ve probably already got an app for it. I’ll ask again, how many of you are using the iPhone or iTouch,…and what are your best apps?

Did you see him fall the other day? It’s on Youtube. At least he can laugh about it now

Weather Mess
So I’m looking at the forecast for Thursday. I’m supposed to get on a plane to Boston at 6am. Not going to happen. It looks like the weather is going to get in the way. Our first travels with the boys went well. We got down to Florida and back without a lot rigmarole. Looks like we won’t be so lucky this time. I can’t think of anything I want to do less than sit in the airport all day with the boys trying to entertain them, find a place for them to nap, feed them and change them. Any Zen-like travel tips for new parents?
I could use em.

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  • Steve

    iTouch apps…

    Facebook – free

    Pandora Radio – free

    myLite – free, came in handy
    during a storm

    iPhunny – free, monologue jokes from Conan, Dave, etc.

    Chuckisms – free…I am a sucker for those stupid Chuck Norris “facts”

    Sportacular – free, great sports update/scores app

    What? – free. A fun time wasting game for a long car trip/plane ride

    Twitterrific – free, for us twitter nerds

    NPR News – free.

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