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Vote results, Tiger Trouble, and Thanksgiving

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Good morning. I hope you all had a good thanksgiving weekend with family or friends.
We did. More on that in a moment.
To the News:
AFSCME Union members vote on contract changes that would mean about 500 workers get to keep their jobs. How do you vote No on this one? You’re giving up a week’s pay and about $75/month in contributions to keep 500 people working.
Tiger Trouble
When my brother in law and a friend started debating this over the weekend I thought they were joking. The story of Tiger’s one car crash late at night/early in the morning is bizarre for sure. Here’s my take on it. He has no obligation to expand on what he’s said about the accident. He issued a statement saying he’s embarrassed, that it’s his fault, and that his wife helped him out of the car. I would feel differently if he’d been on a public street or had damaged public property. For those without background, Tiger lives in one of, if not the, most exclusive gated community in the US. It’s private property. If he ruins the fire hydrant, it’s the association’s problem (thought I can’t imagine he won’t pay for the damage).
Think about it this way, if it was anyone else that lived in Isleworth, we wouldn’t care. Why do we care about Tiger? Because he’s famous?
Does this tarnish his stature as a good guy? I’m not sure a lot of people think of him as a “good guy”. He’s private to the point of being reclusive, he runs a foundation but doesn’t go around preaching about how great a person he is…he just does it. The fact that he makes a gazillion dollars shouldn’t be a factor here. He doesn’t owe the general public any explanation. His neighbors are a different story.
12 days of Christmas
Every year this company adds up the cost of all of the gifts in the song, The 12 Days of Christmas. This year they said the4 cost went up about $800. The total cost is like $87,000.
Yikes. The story prompted an email from a viewer who tells us his understanding of the song is that the “5 golden rings” is actually “5 gold rings”. The viewer claims this is a reference to pheasants, not actual rings of gold. Looking it up online, there are references to the “5 gold rings” actually being the first five books of the bible. So there’s some debate over what is actually on the list, but we’ll call this cost index the cost of the Ms Piggy vrsion of the song. Anyone who has any musical taste, of course, prefers the Muppet’s version of the 12 days of Christmas with that legendary crooner Mr John Denver.
Great win over Kansas this weekend, and I get bragging rights in my house until basketball season. …ZOU!
Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving. We had a great meal, put up the tree on Friday as is our tradition, and I put up lights outside the house Sunday. We’re ready for the holidays!

Have a great day!



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