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A Little Christmas Catch-up

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Good Morning.
I’ll be as brief as I can be with all that’s happened over the last week.
We had a really nice Holiday with Family in Chicago. It makes us miss our families but also reminds us that Des Moines is a lot less chaotic than Chicago is. More in a moment


Icy roads this morning provided police with a lot of work. There were dozens of rollover accidents including some serious ones on the north side, west of the metro, in Altoona and in Story County.
Take it slow out there.

Altoona Fire
We’ll find out more at Noon , but if you were on the road near eight you saw a big plume of smoke coming from Adventureland Drive. it was a BP station on fire. The actual building was on fire. Not good in the middle of a field of gas pumps.

Terror Threat
So this guy gets on a plane Christmas Eve with a bomb. I’ve been away from the news completely but here’s my only observation. A motivated terrorist is going to find a way to get past security measures and nothing short of strip searching every passenger is going to be fail safe. Were there screw ups here? Maybe but I’m not going to blame the professionals until I hear a LOT more. The point is…don’t grouse about having to stand in lines at Airports. These men and women are trying to protect you. If you don’t feel they’re the best of the best, then offer to pay more in taxes. A relatively new agency is doing it’s best and it’s a big world.

I was also glad to have missed the weather. Sounds like it wasn’t great. Christmas services canceled? that must have been nasty. We had our share of snow in Illinois but it sounds like it
was worse here.

Wanted to pass along an op/ed from a friend from College. It appeared in this morning’s St Louis Post Dispatch. Sean may be one of the most honest, smartest people I know. He’s just a good man.
He points out one of the consequences of pushing a bill this size through so quickly. What do you think?

Other Random Thoughts
-Glad to see Bullet….errrr Buckshot got a home while I was away.
-Happy New Year to the Lady who cut in line in front of me at McDonald’s in Williamsburg. She waited in line for about ten minutes with the rest of us…then she got up to the callbox, and got so frustrated with the wait that she LEFT without ordering! I don’t want to judge someone I don’t know but…what a toolbox!

Chilly Homecoming
So we arrived in Des Moines around 3:30 Sunday to find the temperature in our house was 35 degrees and a very cold cat. That’s not a typo, it was 35.
The heater kicked off when the fan relay board burned up. I have no idea what that looks like but the Wycoff guy told me it usually looks like your house filling up with smoke. Thankfully the electrical system just kicked the breaker off and we lost heat. I also feel very fortunate we didn’t crack a pipe. I don’t think we did…though I’m watching.
Thanks to our friends the Flippins. They let Sally and the boys come over for a while, fed us all pizza for dinner and let our cat stay upstairs for a couple hours.
I waited with my coat on in the house. It’s surreal when you can see your breath in your living room.
We got the heat working again but the fan ran all night which left me thinking I was going to wake up to a burned out fan motor. But at least we got heat back. It was 50 degrees by the time we went to bed. 71 by the time I woke up. I think we’ll get it fixed by this afternoon but this is a pain in the rear I don’t need coming off of a week of vacation.

I hope your holidays were full of fun. I’ll be here all week while Brooke takes a much deserved rest. Jeriann is filling in nights. Can’t wait to get the whole crew together again to compare Holiday stories.
Have a good week!