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Recall Fix, Weekend Win and Racist?

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Good Morning.
I’ll start this morning by answering the comment left Friday.
For those of you who missed it, The blogger called me a racist.

Wow, kind of a cheap shot on Oprah there Pat. Would it have been better if
she said she hated Iowa?It’s funny but the biggest Oprah bashers seem to be the
same ones that bash Obama – white Republicans. Sound like anyone you know? But I
guess it’s easy to bash a show that’s not on your channel. Haven’t seen much
Leno bashing? But then again he’s probably a white Republican also.

Just so I’m clear…because I criticized an observation Oprah’s magazine made…I

  • Hate the President,
  • Am a Republican
  • and therefore, I am racist?

Thank goodness we cleared that up. I’m glad someone is stopping me from jumping to conclusions about people I don’t know.
Sarcasm aside, I think many of you got my point and may even agree with it.
Oprah’s magazine put Iowa on a list of things getting better. It’s not on a list of great things you’ve never tried that you should. It’s not on a list of things you might not know about….we needed to get better.
Does anyone else feel like it’s a backhanded compliment? Does anyone else feel like the writers at “O” are amazed we have indoor plumbing here in the Hawkeye state?

I’m just a transplant…and I’ve only lived here eleven years, but I think there are a lot of other things I would put ahead of same sex marriage, an online survey and Iowa football; that make this state great…even preferable to other states and places around the country.

None of that has anything to do with race or politics.
As for my actual opinion of Oprah? I think she’s a brilliant woman. I think she’s a world class interviewer… She is also a world class philanthropist.
Those things do not make her right about everything, and my comments don’t make me a racist.
By the way. I think Jay’s funny but haven’t watched late night TV for about eleven years now.

To the actual News:
Toyota announced a fix you it’s accelerator problems today. Did you think the North American President of the company did a good job on the Today Show? Was the explanation enough for you? Has the company moved fast enough? I’m interested to hear what Toyota owners say. This is a company that has produced one of the best, most reliable vehicles in the industry for years. This is a huge problem for sure, but should it erase years of quality products? I’m asking.

I hope the group of Americans that tried to smuggle 33 kids out of Haiti was trying to do the right thing. I hope they had good intentions. There are reports they were going to charge the adoptive families $10,000. If that’s true…I hope they land in a Haitian jail. If one fo these kids lost their entire family and has a chance at a better life with a family who will love them, I’m all for it. If someone tries to exploit these children? I can’t write what I really think of that.

Dad stuff
Jeriann came in with great pictures of Luke this morning. He turns one this week. Can you believe it? He DESTROYED his birthday cake and it looked like he had a lot of fun doing it. Not sure yet what we’re going to do for the boys but I hope we have as happy a memory as Jeriann and Rob did.
In our house the big headline was that JT started to clap. Not such a big headline, but if I’m going to catch some of these firsts… I need to work on the Dad skills.
Sally was sitting with the boys after their nap Sunday and both of them started to giggle for no particular reason. I just stood there soaking it up, but made no move for the video camera. Like ten minutes later I finally went to go get it…the boys were still yucking it up…I turned the camera on…AND FORGOT TO HIT RECORD!!!!! I’m an idiot. Thank God they didn’t take their first steps. Note to TV News Guy: The Red button is the one that actually starts the Flip camera recording!

Weekend Win
A big thank you to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge in Des Moines. They hosted a Hold Em Poker Tournament this weekend and I had a lot of fun. I met a lot of really nice people and even got down into the money! It was appropriate that I went out in 13th place. A thank you to my wife is in order as well. She let me out of the house from about 10 in the morning to 6 at night.

One more thing…I’ve been watching my friends on Facebook put up their doppelganger photos this last week and I have to say…some of them are right on (Tom Cruise and Steve Templeton) but some of them…I just don’t see it. So I went to the site that claims it can match your photo up with a famous face. I won’t say who it picked out for me because it was sooooooo wrong. Anyway, before you post that picture of someone who is supposed to look like you…don’t you look in the mirror?

Hope you had a good weekend.


  • Steve Wright

    Pat, it is impossible how a reasonable person would have taken your comments to be racist. Some people are so hyper-sensitive to criticism, that they will look for any angle to avoid confronting it. In this case, racism was the scapegoat.

    By this person's same logic, they exhibited racism/bigotry towards white republicans. Obviously not a genius.

  • James

    I agree…the average joe can’t comment on anything without being called a racist or bigot. I personally can’t stand her show. It’s not because I don’t like the woman, she’s done some amazing things, but I can’t stand how people worship her every move.

  • Trish

    Pat, if you think so highly of Oprah, why the cheap shot asking “when is her show ending?” And c'mon, you don't watch latenight TV so you had no idea there has been a Leno vs. Conan debacle and how badly Jay has looked and how damaged he is now? Really? As far as the other gentlemen who have commented (nice pic Steve, is that your Doppelganger?), my guess is they are conservative white Republicans as well, so of course they agree with everying you say! ;-)

  • d

    Trish, go back and read my reply to your first post on Friday. Then, take some time for some internal reflection and come to terms that not everyone thinks the same, but that doesn't mean they're racist or consider themselves superior.

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