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Hot Topic, Jeriann’s Birthday and Turning the Tables

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Good Morning,
I’m going to get a lot of flack for saying this from the women who are nice enough to read this blog but I thought it was interesting.
I brought the boys out with me to the Mall to run an errand and then took them to the gym with me. As I was going in and out of doors at the Mall, had a double stroller, a backpack and no pockets for my keys or phone.
Needless to say, it’s tough to get a stroller through, especially if you’re not smart enough to just press the handicapped door button. So I’m stretch out like I’m trying out to replace the Amazing Yen in the next Ocean’s movie (we’ve got a grease man!) and I look up to see four women standing there waiting for me to go through the door. They looked like very pleasant people and smiled at my children, but they never even thought about opening the door!
I’m just saying, as a guy who opens doors for women, and has heard several complaints about other men who do not open doors for women, I found it a little odd that a guy carrying enough childcare crap to scale Everest while pushing a double stroller didn’t get any help from the ladies.
Next time I’ll just push the button.

Hot Topic
So we did this story about a theory a couple of the professors at Iowa State University are throwing around. Basically it says if global climates change as some people theorize they will over the next 30 years, we can expect more violent crime.
We’ve already gotten a few responses via email that weren’t too happy with the story…one from a guy who says he’s switching to Fox (boy is he going to be confused when he sees the same news team!).
I can see where some people would object. We don’t know enough about how the climate of the earth is going to change over the next thirty years to know how it will effect society. I think the point was, if temperatures change, the shift in all sorts of small societal norms may be enough to shift patters of things like crime and violence. I don’t think the professors think we’re all going to be rioting if we get up to an average of 92 in the summer here in Iowa. That said a shift in temperatures could theoretically effect crop production, water supplies, and therefore job growth and patterns of movement from one state to another or one city to another. It’s not the most ridiculous thing to think about.

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment today because I am also going to comment on the stories everyone seems to be doing about school district cuts. I say again, a restructuring of School District staff salary and benefits could go a long way toward solving some of the budget problems. It might not solve everything but it would probable keep a few more teachers in the classrooom. Parents are getting mad at the District Administration and School Boards, maybe they should be asking teachers about restructuring (not giving up money) contract deals.

Jeriann’s Birthday
Jeriann is celebrating the fifth anniversary of her 29th birthday today. Happy Birthday JR!

I Lied
Well not really, I just spoke too soon. A comment on the blog the other day asked what other changes go into our conversion to full HD this spring. I was going to walk around with a flip camera and show you but when I asked the boss he told me why that might not be a good idea. I guess there’s some proprietary technology here. Our company is coming up with innovative ways to make this conversion so I guess they want to keep that close to the vest. Not that I would know or be able to explain what I was looking at anyway.
Bottom line, we’re excited about the changes. It’s going to be a lot of work but they’ve made a significant investment around here and I think it’s going to pay off for you.
Maybe I’ll give you a tour of the boy’s playroom instead…

Have a good Day!


  • Mama Foster

    I had to help a man in maybe his early 60s pick up a large box that fell out of his cart…I didn't hesitate to help but I could tell it was kind of a blow to his ego because he told me he had just had surgery. Maybe the women were worried about offending you?

  • C-Marshalltown

    I would have held the door also and thank you for being one of those guys who does still hold doors. I always appreciate it when that courtesy is afforded to me.
    Also, I would personally rather see a video of the kids playroom than all the technical stuff I wouldn't understand anyway.
    Happy Birthday to Jeriann. Have a great weekend everybody.

  • Me

    Had to come back and share this story…yours reminded me.

    On a visit to the grocery store a few years ago, my then 4 year old was walking up to the store with her hands in her pockets. She tripped and fell hard face first into the sidewalk.

    I was holding my 18 month old and instinctively put her down to pick up the 4 year old who was bleeding from her face and mouth. Of course, the 18 month old takes off for the parking lot. Oy! Anyway, sharing this because not one person that passed by tried to help. I was so surprised when I thought about it after the fact.

    Makes you wonder how one decides whether or not to help.

  • Curt Brown

    I was at the corner store the other day, had a bag of stuff in each hand, trying to keep track of my 5 yr old, when I noticed I guy on crutches headed towards the door. Out of the 5 or so other people nearby, I was the only one who held the door open for the guy. yeesh

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