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Adoption, Tourism and Teeth

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Good Morning
I have to run to my 6 month teeth cleaning and get yelled at for not flossing enough…sound familiar?

We’ll so the news quickly

So two of the three Republicans running for Governor don’t want same sex couples to adopt. Good, I’m sure all of those kids would be better of not going to a home and living in a state run home instead.
By the way, can’t a single person adopt a kid? So how would you know if that person was gay or straight? Do we ask that on the application? And since when was that prerequisite for parenting. No one asked me while we were in the hospital.
The implication from Republicans is that “The Gays” are not fit to be around children. The moral fabric of the universe will tear and we’ll all be swallowed up by immorality. Give me a break. How are you going to balance the budget?

The State of Iowa is hoping more people stay close to home in the Midwest to spend their summer vacation dollars. I hope so too. Iowa is a beautiful place.

The American Academy of Pediatrics put out new recommendations for how soon kids should take swimming lessons. They used to say 4. Now the new recommendation is anytime after a year. of course “swimming’ lessons is a bit of a misnomer. It’s more like getting used to the water. The Docs feel, as many people have for years, that kids who are introduced to the water at an early age may be better able to stay afloat earlier and therefore, prevent drowning.

The Duchess of York is selling access to the Prince (her former husband). Two questions: Who would want access? and Is the first month of meals free?

The mighty Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Couldn’t be more excited. Watched the game with a sick kid on my lap Sunday. I had Sally take a picture so when he turns 25 and the Hawks haven’t made it back to the Finals, I can show him the picture to prove he watched the last time they made it.
Have a good one


  • Erin W.

    Thank you, Patrick, for your words on adoption. This is exactly what I was thinking this morning while I was fuming over the story on the republican candidates. Don't we really have more important things to worry about?

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