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Great finish to the Goodyear Dealers of Iowa 200, Sunday night. Max Gresham nosed out Ty Dillon by .039 seconds to take the checkers. It’s too bad Grimes resident Brett Moffitt wasn’t in the mix at the end. The 17-year-old led 54 laps, fell back to 2nd, and then was spun into the wall with 5 laps to go. Afterwards he had this to say, to the Des Moines Register, about the wreck, “Just racing with idiots, that’s what you’re going to get.” Now that’s a kid speakin’ his mind.

There’s, definitely, something going on between Kurt Warner and Northern Iowa. He’s such a nice guy. He makes all the right moves. He loves giving back to the people that helped him get his start. So why has it been 16 years since he’s been back to his alma mater? He says it’s because he’s not the kind of guy that likes being in the spotlight. Isn’t that exactly what he did at the Barnstormers game, Friday? Of course, it is.

The biggest question to come out of Warner’s appearance was this: “What’s wrong with his eye?” Answer: I don’t know. I was at the press conference, but I couldn’t muster up the courage to ask him why his right eye was swollen. Now that we’re HD, that’s all anyone noticed.

What a great year for the game of hockey. First, the US faces Canada, in the Gold Medal game. Now, the Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Okay, so I’m biased. But, no one can say they don’t have one of the best jersey’s in all of sports. If it was socially acceptable to wear a hockey sweater, in public, I’d have one. I may still get one, anyway. If Clark Griswold can pull it off, so can I.

Some are already complaining about the “hot” and steamy weather. Give me a break. Just be glad the winter coats won’t be coming out of the closet for a few months.

The FDA is recalling several thousand cans of corned beef because of higher than acceptable levels of a drug used to treat cattle for parasites. Fortunately, no sane person has purchased a can of corned beef since prohibition.
What do Mike Tyson, Allen Iverson, and ‘Broadway Joe’, have in common? They all paid this guy his services: … they, also, like ‘Modern Family’.