PTSD, Money, and R&A

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Good Morning!
This will be the semi-annual edition of Pat’s Alarm not going off. My fault. I set the alarm for an early tee time Saturday and didn’t set it back last night. I woke up about 45 minutes late and abbreviated my morning routine a bit to get to work at a reasonable (late) time.
Hope your week started off better than mine

It’s too bad the bureaucracy of the Armed Forces can make it hard for Veterans to get treatment. Some people may balk at Post traumatic Stress Syndrome as a diagnosable disease, but it is clear that many of the Men and Women we send off to do our fighting for us have some issues to deal with when they come back. You can’t argue that. These people have sacrificed for our country. The least we can do is make sure their life after the Army is the best it can be. \

Watch today at Noon, we will be announcing the latest Iowa City to be put on a “best place to live” list.

Did you Hear Jessie Jackson’s comments about LeBron James? Well, actually about Dan Gilbert( Cav’s owner). Jackson said Gilbert’s tirade about James and his choice to leave Cleveland showed Gilbert still has a “runaway slave” mentality. Man, I don’t know. I see the point Jackson was trying to make…that this team owner has no right to expect this player to stay in Cleveland is if the City itself owned him. That said, the comparison is bad. Runaway slaves didn’t command 100 million dollars and a one hour special.
Gilbert’s point (as I read it) was that James set himself up as loyal to his home city. James built his reputation as an alternative to the athlete who just wanted to make a buck, and some people became fans of LeBron because of it.
I think what Gilbert was trying to say (in his own angry way) is that Cleveland feel duped. They should.
Race has nothing to do with this. White, Black Brown or Purple…LeBron is just another athlete looking to make a buck. You may think that’s fine…you may think that’s the way it should be. I simply can’t stomach him trying to act as if he’s something different. He really isn’t.

World Cup
I loved watching to World Cup this past month. I am now more of a fan of soccer. That said the final two matches were a prime example of why people in the US don’t like the game. It was boring. Early on, there were a lot of goals scored and a lot of chances taken. That was fun to watch.
Also on the negative for me…the amount of flopping going on. Soccer Referees should have the ability to kick someone out of a game if they deliberately fall in order to slow the game down or stop play. That’s not strategy, that’s just being a tool. Speaking of, sorry Pella but the Dutch team was my least favorite. What a bunch of whiners! And that guy Robbin? weasel is the word that comes to mind.

I work with all female co-workers on Monday Mornings. So why was it that I was the only one pushing for the Women’s US Open Championship highlights this morning? I don’t watch every week, but I do watch the women’s major championships. What’s not to like? These are women who play great golf and many of them have Supermodel looks. If you haven’t watched in a while…Check out the Women’s British Open.

Speaking of…(or R&A)
The Home of Golf will host the 2010 Men’s British Open starting this week. I love this particular major because I get to see the live coverage in the morning. By the way that coverage will begin at 3am Central. I’ve played the Old Course at St Andrews so it’s a lot of fun watching. it look A LOT different on TV, but every once in a while I’ll get a glimpse of the course the will spark a memory. Most of them were good…I think I had a decent round that day. I know I had the time of my golf life!

Jersey Boys
Two thumbs up from the Dix family after our Theatre experience Friday night. We both thought the music was a lot of fun to listen to. The back story of the Four Seasons was really interesting to listen to. I found myself thinking about the thin line between success and failure in the career of just about anyone who achieves a lot of fame or fortune. Jersey Boys is a great example of that.

Started packing for the big move this weekend. T-Minus four weeks and counting.
Have a good one