WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin & Sonya join co-worker Lynn Melling for a post-baby workout designed to drop those stubborn pounds

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From a lack of time and sleep, to too many hormones and diapers -- new moms have a lot to juggle. Oftentimes, exercising is not on the "to do" list but it should be.

"I think that's what's so hard with a new baby," says Channel 13's Lynn Melling, "you feel like you can't leave him or her, and where do you find the time?!?" This workout shows you how to get started, and how to whip that post-baby body -- or any body -- into shape.

"For new moms, they're dealing with a lack of sleep and concentration," says personal trainer Angie Gallagher, "so you don't want to do exercises that require a lot of complicated choreography." And Angie should know, she's the proud mom of two little ones. "Also, there are hormone issues that relax the joints so be careful about high impact moves and over-stretching."

If you're a new mom, you want to make sure your doctor has cleared you to exercise. Once it's ok, you can even use your baby in your at-home routine. Lynn is able to entertain her son Jack while doing modified push ups and kneeling bird dog moves. In minutes, he's smiling and laughing and mom is getting some crucial ab and back work accomplished.

"Those last ten pounds are the hardest, and those last few inches!" That's where Lynn finds herself stuck, one year after having Jack, and Angie has created what she calls the "Post Baby Plateau Buster!" It's eight cycles of resistance training and cardio and it moves fast.

"The nice thing about this workout is a lot of different muscle groups at the same time," Angie explains, "It's all compound moves." What that means for us, is our heart rates staying high during the entire workout.

Lynn is training for a marathon, putting in many miles every day and she's surprised that this hour is pushing her to her limits. We are doing everything from burpees and tricep dips to lunges and speed skating, and all three of us have to take breaks at different points in time. This routine is not for beginners and Angie keeps reminding us that it's the struggle that gets results.

"It will get easier eventually, just because your body is so efficient to adapting." And that's when she'll change things up all over again. Angie may look sweet, but she will push you hard. If you need a jumpstart, contact her at 710-6987 or fitnesswithangie@gmail.com