Presidential Visit, Political Season, and Catching up

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My apologies for failing to blog for the past few days. They got away from me. Lots to catch up on.

Presidential Visit
Going to cover The President is always a good assignment. I think it’s interesting to watch the Secret Service work, the national press corps is interesting to watch and of course, it’s cool to be a few feet away from the leader of the free world.
A couple of observations from the event.
-I was really glad to see that the Clubb’s had invited a diverse group of guests. I’ve been at, and heard of some of these political events where the questions are pre-screened, even written by the campaign or politician’s office that’s running the thing. If you watched yesterday, you know neither was true.
-I thought it was a little cheesy for the President to go up and knock on the door of the Clubb’s house. We were in back so we couldn’t see it, but we were told that’s what he was going to do. I mean really? It’s not that he’s such a big deal that he doesn’t need to knock…it’s just sort of dis ingenious…we’ve all been waiting for him for hours.
-I don’t report often…check that…at all. I forget quickly how physically tiring it can be. Seriously, a lot of hurry up and wait that turns into a few minutes of flying around to get it done.
Beaverdale is a great place.

Political Season
Seen the political commercials out there lately? Anyone get the feeling it’s going to get nasty? Here’s an observation. A few years ago we all cringed when a candidate took swipes at a sitting congressman that were childish, below the belt and uncalled for. You would think that Congressman would think twice before taking his current opponent out of context, painting him as some sort of snake oil salesmen, and generally trying to tear down his character.
Shouldn’t races for high political office be about ideas? Are yours better than the other guys?
I imagine the voters are going to reward the guy who’s commercials are about ideas not attacks.

Catching up
I am still trying to catch up physically. I played A LOT of golf this last weekend. It was great to see some good friends in the Quad Cities. I can’t say i played well but I think I fixed a big glitch in my swing. The part about still being sore is a function of being old. I am starting to realize I can’t play 36 holes of golf in a day…ever again.

I hope you all have a good day. We’ll look for a little more fiber in the blog’s diet so we can make sure you see a post tomorrow.