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Red Lights, And in 9 Months…Birthday Break

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Good Morning!
Hope you all had a good weekend. Anyone who wants to see Brooke blog more…raise their hands! Great one yesterday! I keep telling her people want to hear from her more and stop my yammering…please encourage her writing more.

To the news:

Red Lights
Clive has a few more reminders for drivers that they shouldn’t try to get through that stale yellow light. Three more red light cameras are up and running as of this morning. So just take it easy when you are headed to one of those intersections. Here’s another thing I think would help reduce accidents. The people who’d been waiting at a red light need to check and make sure the traffic is clear before they pull out into the intersection. I’m guilty of getting a little focused in on the light changing and not being aware of the traffic around me. In this case, situational awareness is more important.

Sleep and Weight
Another study confirms what Sally has been saying to me for a while now. If I got more sleep, my time at the gym might be a little more effective. The study from University of Chicago shows people who get less than six and a half hours sleep lose 56% less in body fat when they exercise. So I have to work twice as long at the gym for the same effect? It’s another study showing balance in your life is the key.

And in 9 months…
So we had a baby boom in September in Des Moines and that’s not so unusual…but some people are tracing the spike back to the weather nine months ago. If you remember our particularly cold harsh winter…apparently some of you had nothing better to do than, “stay warm”.

Birthday Break
A belated Happy Birthday to my bride. I wrestled her away from a busy job and hectic household for a break. It was short but I think it was much needed. We went down to Kansas City for the night and stayed at the Hotel Raphael. What a great place, and very friendly people too. I love KC and the Plaza. We didn’t do much, just slept mostly but we needed the time just the two of us. It’s funny how far something small like that can go toward making the otherwise hectic day to day a lot better.
While we were down there we had lunch at Houston’s. They had a special artichoke appetizer. They grilled a whole artichoke, finished it with butter and paired it with a remoulade. It was pretty darn good. Sally is a fan of the artichoke and said she’s never seen it grilled. It weas really good and carried that smokey flavor well. Of course nothing can be that bad dipped in what is essentially mayonnaise.

I hope you have a good week.
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