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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin tap into a little puppy power to help them stay fit

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Obesity is on the rise among people and their pets. Just like humans, pets are at increased risk of disease if they're carrying extra weight. Personal trainer Angie Gallagher suggests working out with your pet.

"Studies show people who exercise with pets increase speed by 28%. So it's a nice incentive," says Angie.

Sonya Heitshusen's dogs, Remi and Spot join us to prove Angie's point.

Instead of taking the dogs for a simple walk or jog, Angie suggests intervals, "Pick street signs or trees as markers." She says speeding up and slowing down between the two points will burn more calories.

A game of fetch will really boost your heart rate, if you fetch too.

"Another way to really kick it up is to do sprints with your pet," says Angie. "Throw a tennis ball and sprint with your dog to retrieve it."

Sprinting with Remi and Spot, who are at times uncooperative, gives us an arm workout too.

"You can work all your muscle groups with your pets," says Angie.

For an abdominal workout, try doing sit ups with your pet. Each time you "crunch," try enticing your dog with a toy.

Use the same technique while you're doing lunges and you'll tweak your butt and thigh muscles even more.

"Abs, shoulders, chest, legs, you can get it all done with your pets," says Angie.

The workout should leave you and your pet panting.