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Evil, De-Friending, and A Turkish Bath

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Anyone know how to fix a boiler?

I need some repair for a repair that was done yesterday. Our radiators weren’t working properly so I called out our heating/cooling guys. We have one of those yearly service contracts and have had one with the same company for years. They’re always great about getting out to help quickly and have helped us in an emergency more than once. So anyway, the guy came over yesterday and explained I had a thermostat no tied into the boiler. He fixed it but in the process seems to have unleashed the full fury of the radiators in this old house. Our bedroom was like Turkish Bath last night. I actually opened a window. It was 31 degrees when I got up!
The window didn’t help at all. So good as advertised, the company is sending someone out right away this morning to take care of it.

So here I am waiting at the house we’ll talk about the news while we wait.

Sometimes there’s no explanation for a crime and all I’m left with is…there is evil in the world. A boy shoots and kills two defenseless women and has no reason for doing it…I’m left with, Evil.
Maybe we’ll get another explanation but I can’t think of one that would explain this.

So we’re having a running debate about “friending” people on Fac ebook. this is National De-Friending Day, as declared by Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t know why he gets to say we all need to de-friend some of our Facebook friends but what the heck.
Two sides to this one for me. My wife agrees I should cull the herd a little on Facebook. Be the Cyber-Sheepdog as my friend Ben put it. They both believe I have too many friends on Facebook. I have usually accepted most people’s requests even when i didn’t know them. i assume they’re viewers. That said I think i should put my friends in groups. This way if there’s some personal information i might want to share…pictures of the kids…stuff like that…it will only be for people I know.
The part I don’t agree about is de-friending someone cause they post all the time. If you don’t like someone’s posts…hide them. Then they’ll never know you are ignoring their post about the tenth place they’ve visited today, or the link to some onion article they found funny, or the Farmville update they’ve posted.

I Forgot
I forgot to gloat a little about the Northwestern win Saturday. I won’t…
I will however suggest to more than a few Hawk fans that they start treating trips to Evanston like a trip to Madison.
I know the history. Northwesteern has always been the Big Ten doormat but how long ago was that? I looked it up. Over the last fifteen years, Northwestern is 9-5 against the Hawkeyes. I think I remember some Hawkeyes fans calling on a record like that against Iowa St as proof they’d dominated the series over the long run. Here’s the trump card…When’s the last time Iowa went to the Rose Bowl?
Iowa fans will say Northwestern treats this as it’s biggest game of the season…I would disagree…
Here’s a post from

Iowa fans want the right to be dismissive of Northwestern’s
attempted rivalry. They want to call the occasional loss to the Wildcats a result of the opposing team spending its entire season prepping for one game. That only works if the losses are actually occasional

Of course this is not a rivalry…I’m not saying Northwestern is some force to be reckoned with in the Big Ten either…far from it.
Maybe they’ve taken the spot Illinois used to occupy on Iowa’s schedule. That was a pretty good game year in year out…As long as Pat Fitzgerald is around, I think this will be too.

The service guy is on the way. I’ll leave it at that…
One more thing…I hear we’re going to start to give some stuff away on this blog. I expect I’ll get the details here shortly…but make sure you come back and visit the Morning Buzz. I look forward to your comments!



  • Anthill_Goddess

    I had a very hard time watching the video of the young man being taken into the courthouse. The smile…the laugh. *Shudders*

    I will say that I'm impressed with the police official that was walking with him. I'm not sure I could have kept from shoving him face-down into the snow along the sidewalk…and holding him there for a good, long time.

    As far as de-friending goes on Facebook…I only de-friend those who haven't posted in 6+months or in the unlikely time of doing something I find very offensive. Offending me is extremely hard to do so it doesn't happen often.
    I agree that, for you, separating “fans/viewers” from “friends” is probably a good idea. I've never tried to even find your Facebook page let alone send a friend request! LOL Not that I'm not a “fan”…but I'm more interested in your thoughts on things than snooping into your family/day-to-day life. What you put out here about your life is fine, but I'm not going to go digging for information!

    Sorry to hear about your boiler issues. We built new a few years ago and are *still* finding things that need fixed! Hope you get it taken care of soon!

    Oh…and bring on the goodies!!! LOL

  • Jan

    I'm a Northwestern Law grad, so I'm always happy to see the football team do well, but I don't gloat either, and I do feel sorry for the Hawk fans (which includes everyone else in my house), especially when the result affects bowl options. At Kinnick, I've faced outright hostility from some fans, even though I cheer for Iowa the rest of the season. Some are understanding once they realize I'm a Northwestern alum, but some aren't. I've never quite understood the intensity of the attitude against Northwestern, but you may have hit on it in alluding to Northwestern's historical “reputation” in the Big Ten. Given the recent series record, however, it would be nice if there was simply some mutual respect between rival fans (yeah, I know — dream on!). :)

  • Snoopy

    I certainly hope they get your heat fixed soon. I can relate to the problem as we had to replace ours last year..not fun when it is this cold out!
    I have been having a conversation with some of my friends this morning about the shootings and the one word we keep using is “EVIL”. That is the only way to describe it. He is pure evil to be laughing and grinning ear to ear after being arrested. It is beyond my comprehension what else could make someone, let alone a 17 yr old boy, to do this. It is cold blooded murder!!
    I am very picky about who I “friend” on facebook but I still have a few that I have hid because they tend to be overly dramatic. I don't delete them because that would cause even more drama for me, so hid they are and hid they will stay!!
    Not much into sports so nothing to reply
    LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your morning blog and can't wait to hear more about the give aways!!
    Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!

  • julie

    Isn't that smile eerily similar to the one we used to see on Charles Manson? I don't know what can mess up a kid that bad, but I don't think someone that far gone can be rehabilitated and put back into society. I don't foresee that as a problem.

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