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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin learn how to blast that dreaded back fat away

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"As we age, things start to head south." That's what personal trainer Gigi Filer tells us during a recent workout session. It's depressing, but with her help we are learning how to fight back and in this Workout of the Week we're targeting back fat.

"Right above or below the bra line for women," says Gigi, "and for men it's those love handles right above the belt line." We already know where it is, what we need to know is how to get rid of it!

First, Gigi gives us an anatomy lesson. "For the back, we focus on big muscle groups. The lats, traps, rhomboids." Latissimus dorsi are the big, power muscles of the back and Gigi has us working them by doing lat pulldowns. She has us sit on a resistance ball, forcing us to engage the core more than we normally would.

Trapezius and rhomboids are next, which are both in the middle of the back. We do bent over rows to hammer what we really hate, that fat hanging over our bra straps. And Gigi says if we do these moves as a compound set, one right after the other, we'll soon blast our backs into beautiful shape!