Deals and Drips

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Good Afternoon…
It’s been a battle to get on the computer for the last two days. I had to change my password. It seems we have to change them all the time. So I changed the password but it seems none of the systems got the message. I tried to log on again…no dice.
So after a frustrating and less than productive 24 hours…I’m back.

The News:

If the President continues this kind of course, I think he might confound the experts and get elected for a second term.
The President compromised, and so did Republicans. I think most Americans would says they agree with that concept. There will be people who say the President caved…that he got beat. We always like to have a winner and loser. I disagree.
Do you think most Americans are going to care that EVERYONE’S tax rate stays they same? No. They care that THEIR tax rate stays the same. So in this deal…The President’s compromise makes a lot of people happy.
The reaction from Congress was a study in what’s been wrong with the leadership for the last four years. They’re mad. They want a fight. I don’t care about your fight…I care about my tax rate.
If the President wants to, I think he can regain control of his own party here. He’ll have to share the spotlight with Republicans but he can also get compromise out of Republicans and might even get something done. What are Dems going to do? Complain? They’ll look like idiots.
Ken Root makes one more point. A lot of these Democrats aren’t going to be around for the next Congress, so you might see a few of them throw a grenade or two into this compromise so it doesn’t happen. That’ll make Democrats popular.

I went to put make-up on today. You’ve heard the exercise we have to go through to get ready for the show. One of the steps is shaking the bottle of make-up. I swear the top was screwed on…It’s a new bottle. Before I knew what was happening…there was make-up everywhere including my pants.
What a drip.

I hope you have a good day!

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  • titleist755

    Why is it that that our brilliant law makers want to raise taxes on anyone going forward for anything? Why is it that 1% of the population pays 39% of all income taxes? The way this has been presented is as if Obama is giving a tax CUT to some group. This has never been, and never will with this bunch, about tax CUTS. The whole thing has been about keeping the current tax RATE in place or increasing taxes on EVERYONE. (which is what it would have done BTW if the Bush rates were to expire) I remember just a short 9 years ago when the tax rates that are being discussed now were a “tax break for the wealthy”. Now it is being spun as a middle class “tax break” and nothing is going to change. Unemployment benefits being extended?? AGAIN?? Are you kidding me?? This is another example of the political class protecting itself. The Dems already look like idiots when they try and tell us that unemployment benefits stimulate the economy? REALLY??? Do they think we are that stupid? I truly hope we as a collective are not……..

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