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A late, and very random post

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

Today has flown by and I haven’t accomplished nearly what I wanted to … including tending to the blog.

How about the weather this weekend?!?! I hope you had a chance to enjoy what felt like summer. I confess, I turned on the AC … how ’bout you?

Sonya, Andy and I ate food more suited to fall and winter on Friday night, and lots of it! We were judges for a chili contest that served as a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I lost track of how many different concoctions (both chili and cornbread) we tasted but by the end of the night all of us felt like we were going to explode! As you know, Sonya has raised money for LLS for many years. She’s doing it again this year with Team in Training. To help her, check out her webpage:

Another great way to help LLS is through the Man, Woman, Celebrity of the Year campaign. My friend Scottie Janssen is a candidate this year. His son Noah is a leukemia survivor. You can donate here:

It also just so happens that I met the Girl of the Year Friday morning. Photojournalist Jeff Felton and I are doing a story about Anna and a local man who’s raising money to help kids like her. More details in the coming weeks!

Speaking of chili… my Dad made a big batch over the weekend because it was “cold” in Phoenix. That means it was barely into the 60s. I loved being able to brag that it was in the 80s here! I’m heading south later this week so I’ll have pictures and an update on that front next Monday.

Right after my surgery my folks sent me a plant and some treats from a place I’ve never heard of that sounds really cool. I love finding out about locally owned, unique spots and know many of you do, too. Check out this site for info and let me know if you’ve been there, or know someone who has.

Finally, Sonya and I capped off the weekend with a trip to a local spa for pedicures. I forgot to take a picture of us when we were there, so I took one of our toes today.

We went to Serenity Aveda in Valley West Mall and had a great experience. I would rate Serenity and the Spa at West Glen as to great pedi places. Ladies, what are your recommendations?

OK… I am ready to head home.

Thanks for dropping by!



  • Benji

    The Gortz Haus in Grimes is a very cool old church that is now a bistro/flower/framing/store. Worth checking out next time you're meeting someone for lunch!

  • Anthill_Goddess

    Actually, the nail-joint (I can't remember the actual name, but you all will know) in the Jordan Creek Walmart is WONDERFUL for pedis. I've not tried any other service in the metro area (have had two done in KC with friends), but have been there for my (and the 12 year old daughter's) feet twice now. I was sad to see you didn't get yours decorated!! LOL It's the best part (other than the calf massage!!!!) of it for me. That being said, the last two I've had done made number three and four for me!

    And yes, I broke-down and turned on the air on Saturday afternoon. We left for a shopping trip shortly after, leaving it on. When we got home (well after dark) it was so cold I had to turn the heat on! Now I just have it turned “off” until our weather settles…about next month or so! LOL

    I started donating to LLS well before I knew anyone who'd ever been diagnosed. Glad to know Sonia is bringing more light to the subject. Now, if only we could shine a light on lung cancer and get the funding for research out of the basement! But, that's a whole other story.

    Glad to hear you're heading back to see you're dad and I hope he's doing wonderfully!! So glad to know he's been doing as well as he has! Praying that he's back up to 100% soon!

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