WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin & Sonya check in with Lyndee and Molly about their successful weight loss journeys

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This week we have a great follow up to a success story we aired last November. When we met Lyndee Underbakke and Molly Fairchild they'd already started their weightloss journey.

They were motivated by the fact that they hadn't been picked to compete on The Biggest Loser and decided to get in shape on their own. Now, they're at the one year mark, and more than halfway to their goal of losing 320 pounds.

"It's great," says Lyndee, "we're down 180.25 pounds!" Molly is just as excited. "I figured out I've lost almost as many inches as I am tall," she says with a grin. Those are amazing numbers, racked up through lots of hard work. "The weight we lift goes up or the reps go up or the timing. Fifteen used to be the magic number and then one day he figured out how to count to twenty!!!"

Scott Kauffman is the personal trainer the gals have been working with at Aspen Athletic. "As a trainer, it's important to constantly be changing what they're doing because the body adapts. When they come in here, they have no idea what's in store for them."

That's part of the reason Molly and Lyndee have made such great progress, but they've also had to push through frustrating plateaus. "We can track absolutely everything," says Scott, "some weeks your body will just not let go of what you want it to let go of."

And sometimes, it's self-inflicted. Lyndee says there are times she dreads going to the gym and Molly admits to cheating on her diet. But they keep getting back on track and both weigh less than they ever have as adults.

"It just feels good, it feels really good. I don't think there's any other way to put it... ya just feel stronger and better!"

Amen to that! If you need some inspiration, you can keep tabs on Molly and Lyndee on their facebook page, Send Lyndee and Molly to Biggest Loser Season 10!!!