Red Light, Romney and Pro-Am Re-cap

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Good Morning
Back at it this morning after a great day “off”.
We mention it here sometimes…but it’s worth saying again…we are pretty lucky to have a Boss who lets us do the stories we like to do and allows us some flexibility with our schedules so we can participate in things like The Principal Charity Classic.
I got a call late Tuesday asking if I wanted to fill in at the PCC Pro-am. Of course I jumped at the chance but called my Boss to ask before I said yes.
I’m lucky I didn’t have to negotiate with him to take advantage of the opportunity. So thanks Boss!
More on the Pro-am in a minute…
But first, the news:

Red Light
Red light cameras go on tomorrow. I was only thinking of these as a way to catch people who run a red…apparently it’s also going to give tickets out to people who don’t yield when they make a right turn on red. It’s worth reviewing your rules of the road so you don’t get the $65 ticket.

Former Mass Governor Mitt Romney makes the announcement everyone knew he would today in N.H. I wonder how much he’s going to be in Iowa? I wonder if Romney’s organization can get him pretty much the same amount of support he had in 08. If that’s the case he might actually win. With the field split among social conservatives, the fiscals may end up behind Romney.

A recommendation for our viewers from my Pro-am Playing partner Steven Weber. He said he read a great article int he New Yorker Magazine about Romney’s healthcare law in MA. The article makes the case that Republicans should be embracing this alternative to The President’s Healthcare Reform plan and trying to take the initiative.

If there’s one golf event I look forward to every year, it’s the Principal Charity Classic. I know it makes me a golf geek but…well…I am so…
After I got the call to fill in and said yes, sheer panic washed over me. I hadn’t picked up my golf clubs in about seven months and to top it off, I was coming down with a wicked cold.
I didn’t sleep much Tuesday into Wednesday. The combo of the cold and the nerves kept me awake. It didn’t help my swing.
Every time I golf people tell me I need to slow my swing down.
I do, and I know I do.
I see video of my swing and I wonder how in the world I actually make contact with the ball. I believe I will be seeking professional help this week.

Aside from my poor mechanics the day was great. Steven Weber is a really nice guy. For those of you who don’t know he has starred in movies and TV, most notably Wings here in NBC. It’s funny Steven said Wings didn’t have a ton of fans when it was on the network, but when the show was sold to USA network, the fan base took off.
These days Steven says he gets a chance at a new TV role pretty much every year but he says its a tough environment for sitcoms right now. Reality TV is king in Hollywood.
We didn’t play badly. The most striking part of the day was the way the Pros greeted each volunteer and fan and thanked them for coming out to the event. These “practice” days are a great way to get up close with guys who are legends in golf.

I’ll be back out there to watch this weekend!
Hope you had a good day!