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"Like"… Continuing Ed … Dream Cars

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!

I’m not even going to spend time writing about the weather. It’s hot. Really hot.


I am not posting John Bachman’s picture here because I “like” him – you already know that I do. No, I am posting JB’s photo because of a hilarious moment we had last week. During one six o’clock show we ran an interview with a teen who’d spent all day in line at the Science Center of Iowa in order to get the best seat to the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. As is the case with most young people, the responses to our reporter’s questions were peppered with “like”. As in, “Oh my gosh, it is like so exciting. I was like, we have to be the first in line to get the best seats. I am like the biggest Harry Potter fan. I’ve like been reading the books and watching the movies since I was like five years old. My mom was finally like, OK – you can go already!” At the end of this soundbite I kept trying to get John to say “like” in that manner. He wouldn’t. Despite my pestering and Ed’s teasing, John wouldn’t budge. It was awesome. Even better – he received an email from a 72 year old viewer applauding him for his refusal to use bad grammar. Love it!

Continuing Ed
So let’s use “like” correctly. I really like working for the Greater Des Moines YMCA. I like it a lot. For that reason I take continuing education courses in order to maintain my group fitness instructor certification. Last week I spent Wednesday night, Friday night and all day Saturday taking a course called “Strength & Conditioning”. It’s sort of a precursor to a Personal Trainer certification. The class was heavy on anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and I felt like my head might explode before I even took the test! The class wasn’t all biology, though. One of the interesting things we did within the first hour on Wednesday was fill out a worksheet entitled, “What does good health mean to you?” We had to rank the following in order of importance:

* exercising 3 times a week
* enjoying my work
* having meaningful personal relationships
* eating whatever i want
* practicing safety habits
* not having disease/disability
* feeling in control of my life
* having a sound spiritual foundation
* being able to do the things i like
* eating a balanced & nutritious diet
* coping with stresses of daily life

How would you number this list of things? Number one is your most important, number eleven is least important.

Dream Cars

Did you got to the Mecum Auction? Andy Fales did a story about it last week when they were bringing in all the cars, which of course prompted a discussion about people’s favorites. Fales was eyeballing several hot rods, including a sweet ’69 corvette. The only problem – barely enough room for him, much less a baby seat. What’s your dream car? Or maybe you’re not interested in a car, but a different kind of “toy”… if so, what is it?

I’m out of time.
Have a wonderful week!

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  • Anthill_Goddess

    I applaud John for not using bad grammar, also! It bothers me that so many young people can't seem to string a sentence together whether they're speaking or typing (almost none write any more). It bothers me more when grammatical errors are made on the news, especially in the pre-recorded pieces that should be edited.

    Dream car? That one is easy for me!! I was lucky enough to marry a mechanic/auto body guy who has taught me a ton but has never been able to change my mind about my dream car…1964 1/2 Ford Mustang :)
    Have a great evening!!

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