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Speed, Trophy, and Bidding

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Good Morning!

So glad to have Brooke back with us this morning. it’s a drain to read for two hours by yourself so having someone else to feed of of is nice. She says she had a boring weekend where she caught up on sleep. Sounds nice.


Those speed cameras went up overnight along 235. They’re not operational yet but they will be soon. Unlike our friend Simon Conway over at WHO radio, I don’t have a problem with these things. it’s easy…do the speed limit or five mph above it. What’s the big deal? If it generated revenue for the City…so be it.

Now, the camera I’d really like to see installed ion 235 is the merge camera. Anyone caught being stupid while they merge…gets their license pulled…do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Think of the time people would save on their way home each night going west!


I only caught a little of the conversation about the Cy-Hawk trophy yesterday on Murph and Andy’s radio show. I agree it’s taken on a life of it’s own, and I agree with Murph..they need to go back to the drawing board. Maybe the trophy with the kids should be given to the player who exhibits the most character through his time at Iowa or Iowa State.

If there’s going to be a new trophy…this one seems like a no-brainer. Make the trophy a dual statue of Nile Kinnick and Jack Trice. Those two icons should be included somewhere on the trophy. You can make the base their standing on anything you want related to corn…whatever. Call it the Iowa Icons trophy. Why does this need to be so complicated?


I failed to mention it looks like we’ll all (the TII team) be out at the Science Center of Iowa’s 13th annual fundraising auction this Friday night. If you don’t have plans…come on down. It’s a good time.

They’ve put together some pretty awesome packages again this year. We’ll be auctioning off a trip to Beijing China complete with some Central Iowans to play tour guide for you. We’re auctioning off a day of golf with me. The Trip to NYC package is really nice again this year and includes tickets to SNL and Jimmy Fallon. There’s a trip to the 2012 Masters, and a week stay at a luxury cabin in Telluride Colorado…and I’m just getting started!

We’ll look at a few of the items all week on the blog just to entice you.

Bring some friends…it’s open bar and great food!

I hope you all have a great day.


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  • Bethany

    I agree with you, Patrick. What's the big deal with the cameras?! Just obey the law, like you're suppose to, and you'll be fine. You will never see my name on one of those petitions to remove the cameras. By signing your name, you are basically saying that you want to be able to break the law and not be caught.

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