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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya go through the exercise torture known as "metabolic training"

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This week we’re back in the hands of personal trainer Angie Gallagher, the angelic looking woman with evil fitness tricks up her sleeve.

During this session, she’s introducing us to “metabolic training”.  Simply put, she says it’s a very intense type of workout.  “It’s taking exercises and giving very little rest in between and using as many muscles as you can at one time.”

That means we’re doing some familiar things like burpees and walking lunges with an overhead press, but Angie’s also throwing in very awkward moves like a plank crawl with a triceps dip.  “The heart rate’s elevated,” she explains, “you’re getting your cardio in and making your body a machine that’s burning a lot of calories and fat, raising your metabolic rate!”

That all sounds fantastic but it feels brutal and that’s the point. “We’re trying to take exercises that you couldn’t sustain much longer than what we’re doing, “Angie says with a grin, “you are being pushed to your limits.”

She says the result is raising the metabolic rate.  “So we’re raising it throughout the day, or even into the next if you’re doing really well, which is different than a steady-state workout where when you stop working out the calorie burn is finished for the day.”

There is no plodding along when Angie’s cracking the whip, and the way this session ends may be the most difficult part of all.  We have to go all out on cardio.  Sonya is on the treadmill sprinting on a hard incline and I’m doing a combination of burpees and star jacks.  When the four minutes are up, our hearts are pounding and our lungs are exploding and Angie is elated.  “It’s like I told you,” she says with a giggle, “very little rest, that’s what makes it good.”

We hate her.

Just kidding, we love her.  You will, too!  Here is her contact information: