Severe Weather Alerts

More Rain Needed

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The current Drought Monitor shows Iowa is still in a moderate drought over about 1/3 of our 99 counties. This includes the city of Des Moines and most of our viewing area.

In southeastern Iowa the condition is considered severe.

We had some pretty nice rainfall today. It was great to wake-up to thunder this morning. This was the first time since September 3rd that Des Moines reported thunder in the current conditions.

This picture was sent to our photolink file yesterday. It shows the cracks in the ground at the Ada Hayden Park near Ames. This pic was taken in one of the parks wetland areas.

It is hard to believe that last year at this time this same area was covered in water.

There is a chance for more thunderstorms this afternoon and evening…but that will be about it for rain the rest of the week.