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Trending…Kids in Pumpkins?

We love the fall photos that are being sent to our photolinks on http://www.whotv.com. Recently, many have sent in pics of their little pumpkins inside real pumpkins.

Is this a new Halloween trend? These pictures are cute, I guess. But the kids do not look particularly happy about the situation. The first kiddo in the gourd is Charlotte “Charlie” Dorsey. She is 7 Months old and is the daughter of Katie and AJ Dorsey from Gowrie.
Next we have Gia. Gia is the 8 and 1/2 month-old daughter of Kaily Defino. The Defino family is from Indianola.
The last kid in the pumpkin pic is from Taylor Breuklander, also of Indianola, showing off her “5 month-old pumpkin.”

We do have a picture at the bottom of the page with a kid outside the pumpkin…in the pumpkin patch. Maybe little Benjamin is just checking the pumpkins in the Carroll Pumpkin Farm for a perfect fit. Thanks Mindi Blizek of Promise City for that picture.

Keep sending the pictures our way. Photolink upload is… http://www.whotv.com/weather/who-weather-photolink,0,6687110.framedurl

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