Severe Weather Alerts

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Early snow! Roads over central Iowa are a mess this morning. It will be slow travel for most of the I-35/I-80 cross over the central 1/3 of Iowa this morning.

The storm that brought us so much rain yesterday stalled last night as we had temperatures fall below the freezing point. The wet/slushy mess also had a great amount of wind.

Power lines are down across the area as slush and ice stuck to power lines that were rocked with up to 30 mph hour wind.

The first snow picture is from Waukee. 2 to 3 inches of snow had been pushed off the streets by 6 this morning. The last picture is from Rick Reed in Creston. Rick had 6 inches of snow. That amount of snow and power outages kept school delays running on the bottom of the Channel 13 screen this morning.

Last night we expected around 2 inches of snow…that was true for most of the metro, but many ares of the state had up to 6″ … even 7″ of snow.

The better news is the snow is already starting to melt. The temperature at 7AM was 36. We are expecting lower 40s today….mid-40s tomorrow and 50s for the weekend.

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