LIVEWELL MINUTE: Transport Teams

Des Moines is the only hospital system in Iowa to offer three dedicated transport teams for our community. Life Flight, pediatric and neonatal transport teams are available at all times to care for critically ill or injured patients of any age.

Dr. Judy Walker, Medical Director, Pediatric Transport Team, Blank Children’s Hospital says, “Whether it’s a newborn at a rural hospital in need of critical care, a child suffering a major injury or an adult having a heart attack, our teams are ready to respond to provide the best in critical care.”

Mobilized to get the specialized teams to the patients in need are the Life Flight helicopter and Neonatal & Pediatric Critical Care Ambulance. Both have the ability to transport more than one patient at a time, in addition to a family member. Both Life Flight and the ambulance are the only ones of their kind in the state. Combined with the specialized teams, our transport services are unmatched by any other hospital system in the state.

Dr. Walker tells us, “Research shows that when patients are transported by these specialized teams, they have better outcomes. It’s our goal that no matter what, no matter when and no matter where we are ready to respond.”


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