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State of the Union, That Again? and Pinterest

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Good Morning!
We didn’t have that great of a morning on Today in Iowa. Both of our Sat. interviews didn’t work out because of technical difficulties. We were supposed to talk to Sen Chuck Grassley and Sec Kathleen Sebelius. Neither worked out. For the record we asked Sen Harkin is he wanted to join us live as well and he was not able to make it work.

So the News:
State of the Union
I thought the speech was good. It usually is. Anything you work on for a couple months should be.
That said I think the President needs to put his money where his mouth is on things like bipartisanship. There’s plenty of blame to go around.
I thought the speech sounded a lo like re-election mode. No surprise there either.
I was disappointed that the only jobs the President seems interested in are Union Jobs. There are other people working out there too. Again, re-election mode.
At the same time the Prez is talking about making government more simple…he seemed to be announcing new agencies that would expand the size and scope of government. the Spilled milk like was a little to cute for me…but the point was made. I still don’t think he gets points for cutting regulation like that. If it’s stupid, or outdated it doesn’t belong on the books.
The President is in Iowa today.
I was glad to see a couple things about the visit. the Republican Governor will be at the event and at the airport to welcome the President. He is showing respect to the office even if they disagree politically. Also the host business sounds like it’s a family of Republicans. they also said…this isn’t about politics…it’s about respect for the office of the president. That’s Iowans doing the right thing and making us proud.

That again?
Not so proud of 2 of the 4 Republican Presidential candidates. They failed to correct people at campaign events who called the President either a Muslim or those who suggested the President wasn’t from this country.
This shows a appalling lack of character in my opinion. It is pandering and it is beneath a man who aspired to the highest office in the country. Republicans should not allow these ideas to be forwarded in public or private and we should get on to debating actual issues.

I am signed up but I don’t get it. Can someone explain Pinterest to me?

I await your replies


  • Barb

    Pinterest is an idea board. Things you're interested in. You can go there and browse other people's boards for ideas about home decorating, crafting, travel, wedding ideas, pretty much anything. These people have “pinned” their ideas on their boards.

  • Raz

    Pinterest is an online bulletin board. You have to download the “pin it” button to get the most out of it. If you see something online that you like you can “pin it” to your board for future reference. Then when you're bored or drunk or inexplicably awake at 3am and need something to do you can look at your bulletin board for ideas. You can also “follow” other people's bulletin boards and see what they pin so you can mock their taste or steal the ideas they already stole from someone else. A lot of people find it handy for recipes and craft ideas. I like to pin funny memes.

  • Barb

    Patrick you are following me and don't even know it. HAHA! Its more of a girl thing. Ask your wife she probably gets it.


  • Frugal Gardener

    Pinterest is fantastic but in speaking with several other men, they don't see the phenomenon behind it. I think that it is geared more towards women. That being said, imagine it as a visual bookmark for a website. You see something you like, a tie for instance on a website. You pin it to your board that you can custom name, say “Purchase Later”. Then a week later, you go to Pinterest, see the tie, click on the associated link and you will be directed to the online listing. Saves time in searching. I would recommend adding the pin marklet to your address bar at the top of your page. It makes life very easy.

    Another way to use it is if you are planning a trip or event. Those who will be joining you can pin similar interests, things they would like to see, or for an event, things that you would like to do, whether it be decorations, food, etc, you can organize it specifically for that purpose, then share it with those involved.

  • sandy

    I think his speech was very good! He can only do what congress allow him to do and they seem to a do nothing congress that should all be ashamed of themselves. I, for one, am so sick of hearing people bad mouth him and others. Shut up and do something about it if you don't like it! His biggest hits for me were the 30% taxes for all millionaires and that we need to stop giving tax breaks to companies shipping jobs over seas! This should have happened many years ago and we can all say that has affected our jobs significantly!

    pinterest is awesome by the way!

  • Beth @ Sand To Pearl

    Pinterest is like a virtual notebook for ideas. Think of those Notebooks girls used to use to plan their weddings, with cut outs of different gowns, table settings, color schemes, and everything else. It's the same thing, just virtual. Plus, it's a little more vestal since you can organize it much better, and it doesn't have to be all bulky to carry around. I use it for recipes, craft ideas, school ideas, and I also save some of the funny pins. Be careful though, it's addicting.

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