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MILD WINTER: Warm weather causes trees and plants to bloom early

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With seasonably warm weather, some local garden centers are seeing a lot of people coming in concerned the warm weather could be doing more harm than good.

“It seems the trees are a little ahead of schedule with the warm weather that we had,” says Steve Pearson with Earl May.

With the exceptionally mild winter weather, some local trees are starting their spring bloom early.

At water works park several trees were starting to bloom, months ahead of schedule.

Experts say some trees and plants are triggered to bloom by warmer weather while others are triggered by length of day.

Over at Earl May they say while regular trees should be okay, they’re concerned if flowering and fruit trees can bounce back if we dip below freezing.

“Something that it may hurt would be your flowering trees, that will kill some of the flower buds and of course apples and fruit trees and that might reduce a lot of the fruit they would have, those trees would be really affected by it,” says Pearson.

Pearson suggests only covering your small trees and plants for a few nights if the temperature drops below freezing, he says covering them longer could prevent them from blooming at all.

“A lot of times you’re better off to let Mother Nature take its course, and a lot of times when we cover some plants we’ll do more harm than we will good, we’ll damage them,” says Pearson.

Pearson also suggests making sure you plants and trees get enough water.  He says since we haven’t had much snow to absorb into the ground budding plants and trees need plenty of water to continue blooming into the spring.