LIVEWELL MINUTE: Patient Care Facilitator

Methodist West Hospital recently adopted a nursing position that is new to UnityPoint Health. Patient Care Facilitators are registered nurses who possess a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing and have several years of experience in acute care. Each is required to become certified within their specialty and obtain a masters in nursing degree.

Cheri Miller, Patient Care Facilitator at Methodist West Hospital says, “The role of a Patient Care Facilitator includes managing the patient’s overall hospital stay, coordinating communication of the entire health care team with the patient and family and assuring that every patient has the best possible outcome from their hospital stay.”

The Patient Care Facilitator is also the main point of contact for patients and family. They assure patients are engage in their plan of care, enhance communications and continuity from the patient’s perspective.

Miller says, “As Patient Care Facilitators, our job is to be the patient’s advocate, assuring the patient and family is well informed and gets the care they need and want.”


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