DONE DEAL: Iowa and Chinese Meetings Bringing Results

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Iowa Soybean Association will announce trade deals to sell more beans in China. The association said the agreement means 15 new contracts with Iowa companies that already do business in China. The association plans to release specifics at a news conference Thursday. Governor Terry Branstad said, “we produce what they need.”

Jay Byers, the new CEO of the Greater Des Moines Partnership, remains hopeful more deals will get announced soon. He said, “If there are Chinese companies that are looking for a manufacturing presence of a distribution presence, research and development facility, service center.”

Byers hopes Iowans appreciate the significance of the week. He said, “You have the incoming president of China coming to the United States and he picks three places. And one of these is in Iowa. It speaks volumes for what Iowa means to the U.S. economy and what it means to the Chinese and the future of China.”

Wednesday, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping comes to Iowa for a series of stops to meet with Iowa community and business leaders.