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A winter storm is moving toward Iowa and making for a very hectic forecasting period.

The last 6 hours the forecast models have changed the forecast track and snow depths over the state.

During the 10PM news. 10:14 to be exact. The weather service threw out the winter storm watch and issued a winter storm warning for Des Moines. Changing their forecast for little to no snow…and upping the totals to 5″-10″+ of snow for Des Moines and points north.

The timing was terrible for our 10PM weather. We were able to update the warning…but it was close.

To clear up any confusion….we do our own forecasting….but the NWS issues all watches and warnings. It is our duty to pass the NWS warnings and watches along to you.

All our forecasts were keeping the heaviest snow to the north of Des Moines. I still think we will see some snow…but the largest snowfall is expected to be in the Highway 30 to Highway 20 corridor.

Here is the snow total map from the NWS. The feel the heaviest snow will fall closer to Des Moines.

Our latest forecast … is showing more snow in the area closer to Highway 20. It does look like there is a chance for heavy snow over 2″ per hour in that area of the state.

The biggest factor to seeing heavy snow…or no snow is the timing of the colder air. It looks like heavier rainfall will continue through the noon hour. Northern Iowa could see the switch to snow by early afternoon. We will see the change to snow later in the day.

This is a storm with heavy moisture. One to watch through the day.

Expect many updates on the storm. Channel 13.2 will give you 24/7 updates.
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