LIVEWELL MINUTE: Graduated Driver’s License

The number one threat to teen health and safety in Iowa is motor vehicle crashes. This is the leading cause of death for Iowans ages 14 to 17 years old.

Kathy Leggett, Blank Children’s Hospital, Advocacy and Outreach says, “As a state, we have worked hard to keep younger children safe when it comes to motor vehicle crashes. It is our collective responsibility to provide appropriate protection as well as guidance for young drivers too. Driving is a complex, multi-faceted skill that takes much practice, across all conditions and over many months to fully learn.”

A 2009 survey of Iowa parents who have a teen driver demonstrated overwhelming support for an enhanced teen driving program. Inexperience not only puts young drivers at risk, it also puts their passengers and others on the road at risk.

Leggett says, The only way we know for people to improve this skill is by having them practice while supervised. Graduated Driver Licensing is part of the framework that allows us to accomplish this for every young new driver. The principle of GDL is to maximize experience and minimize risks for all new young drivers.

Click this link for more information on how you can support the Graduated Driver License.


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