BALD FOR BALDRICK’S: an event in Bondurant brings out people willing to go under the razor.

People in Bondurant are going under the razor, in order to raise money.

"I hope shaving my head will cure someone's cancer,"  says participant Abbie LaZella.

LaZella took on that challenge as the town put on their 3rd annual St. Baldrick's event.

LaZella raised close to $600 dollars from family and friends to shave her head.

The event brought out over 90 people willing to do shave their heads too.

All money raised from the event will go back to St. Baldrick's, which helps families dealing with childhood cancer.

LaZella who was one of the few women to shave her head, says she has a personal reason for getting involved.

"I have people in my family with breast cancer, I have friends and family member everything like that, that have had cancer, I just want to make a difference," says LaZella.

The goal of the event was to raise $20,000.  However, event organizers say they broke that record before the event even started, they believe they'll reach close to $30,000 once all the donations are all added up.

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