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NEW SUSPECT: A month after clearing Stuart Wessels, police say they have a new suspect in the beating of Forey Jacobson

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Des Moines Police say they have a new suspect in the beating that put Des Moines’ barefoot runner in a coma.

Last month, a man named Stuart Wessels was cleared of the crime, after he was accused of attacking Forey Jacobson back in November.

Wessels said, “I’m sure a lot of innocent people end up in the same situation.  And they just don’t have the resources to dig themselves out of it.”

Wessels spoke to us the day after the county prosecutor dropped the charges against him.

Police called it a case of mistaken identity.

The surveillance video, taken inside Johnny’s Hall of Fame Bar, shows someone attacking Forey Jacobson, a man who is well-known in Des Moines’s running community.

Jacobson ended up in a coma and nearly died.

He needed surgeries to repair the damage to his face.

Now, police say they have identified a suspect as the person seen attacking Jacobson in the video.

They say they will meet with the county attorney this week before charges are filed.