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MORNING BUZZ: Results, Raises and iPads

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Good Morning!

So Sally and I are paying bigtime for some short sightedness with JT. We had his 3-year-old appointment yesterday. We explained he’s still waking up briefly…three days a week or so. We were advised to go cold turkey with him…no more going in to cover him up or turn the nightlight on etc…

So last night a little bit before I got up he started yelling, “Mooooommmmyyyyyyy”…for two hours. I only get 4-5 hours of sleep at night and started going in to quiet him down a few months ago…ten minutes getting up was better than listening to him for two hours. Now we’re paying for my mistake. It could be a bad week. My unsolicited advice? As a parent, powering through those tantrums or crying or whatever to establish better habits is the way to go.

Yep, No big winner from Tuesday night…you could argue everyone won something. Here’s the thing, Mitt Romney’s delegate total is starting to add up. It may be possible for another candidate to win the Nomination but because so many States are divvying the delegates proportionally, Romney is going to win SOME delegates in all of the states.

Polk County Supervisors voted to give themselves a raise yesterday. People on our Facebook page decided that these guys were “lining their pocket” while cutting services and raising taxes. Lets be clear, Your tax bill may go up but I don’t think the County has anything to do with that this year. Supervisors make a lot of money and have great benefits, but they’re also working well more than 40 hours a week when you add in the events that they go to. In General, Our Board of Supervisors in Polk County has some hard-working dedicated people on it. I’ve seen them reject the recommendation of the County Compensation Commission more than once…denying themselves a raise. The hard part is, this doesn’t affect just the Board. They also make the decision for the County Recorder, The County Treasurer etc… My point is….you’re welcome to criticize the Polk Co Supervisors…they’re used to it. Lets just keep the criticism to real issues…not a confusion of all levels and branches of Government.

I’m jealous of the people who are getting a new iPad.  I’m sure they’ll have something amazing next year when my iPhone contract is up…I’d love to have that Siri feature on the iPad.
Manning is the Man
If all Professional Athletes were as classy, committed, genuine and self-deprecating as Peyton Manning…A lot more people would hold Athletes in higher regard.
I hope wherever he goes…he finds success and some career catharsis.
One more word.  We are changing formats today at WHOTV.COM and therefore on our Blog.  I hope you don’t notice. I just ask you to be patient if blogs and such don’t show up in places like Facebook right away.
I hope you have a good day.