TWIN DEATH: Burkle trial to remain in Story County

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This week new details in the case against Jackie Burkle emerged as the contents of a sealed search warrant were released.

We want to warn you, some of these details are disturbing.

Jackie Burkle appeared in a Story County courtroom Friday.  The 22-year-old is accused of murdering her newborn twins earlier this year.

Her attorney argued that media coverage of her client's case has been relentless, saying, “The media coverage in central Iowa has been extensive.  Everytime a motion is filed; there is another media article that reiterates the information that has been previously reported in the case.”

And that's tainted the potential jury pool in Story County, she argues, saying community members have already formed their own opinions.

Burkle’s attorney says, “They have made comments in the news articles, calling her a monster, saying she deserves to die, and clearly, clearly developing judgments about her.”

This week, more details about the case became public knowledge.

According to court records: police were initially tipped off by Burkle's co-workers at the Casey’s in Huxley, who said Burkle appeared to be pregnant on January 5th, but not on January 7th.

Burkle kept denying she had ever been pregnant.

Authorities got Burkle to take a test at the hospital that proved she had been pregnant.

Then investigators asked more questions about the babies.

Huxley's police chief stated:  “I told Jackie that we needed closure on this and her baby needed closure. I asked Jackie where her baby was. I asked if it was in the house…  I asked if they were in her room, Jackie was quiet. I asked if they were in the house and she was quiet. I asked if they were in her car and she nodded her head. I asked: the trunk?  And she nodded.

That's where Burkle's twin infant girls were found dead, wrapped in towels inside a duffel bag.

The bag also had a razor blade in it.

Despite these details emerging, a Story County judge denied Burkle's request to move her trial elsewhere.

Judge Michael Moon said, "It's incumbent upon the defense to show that there is a substantial likelihood that a fair and impartial jury pool cannot be derived from the people in this county. The defendant has not met that burden."

Burkle is facing two counts of first degree murder.  Her trial is scheduled for April 3rd.