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Ed’s Weather Journal: Flood Safety

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This is Flood Safety Awareness Week in Iowa. Governor Terry Branstad has designated this week to remind all of us how important it is to stay aware of severe weather that can lead to flooding.

Our state is not unfamiliar with the dangers of flooding. During summer of 1993 over 200 thousand people in Des Moines were without power and water as the worst flood of the last century brought world-wide attention to Iowa.

Since then many floods have left portions of Iowa under water and without basic services for weeks and months at a time. Ceder Rapids and Iowa City were left stranded as the Cedar River raced out if it’s banks in June 2008.

Make sure you have a plan for yourself and your family. Plan to be aware of severe weather by watching Channel 13. 1 and Iowa’s Weather Plus on 13.2. Our Weather Plus is the only 24/7 broadcast channel that is dedicated to our weather. You will find updated forecasts all day…not just at the top of the hour. Weather crawls with severe weather information is always on the bottom of the screen on 13.2.

Have a meeting place for your family. You should have your home and a separate location to meet in case your home is not safe after severe weather.

Purchase a severe weather radio that is programmed to your location. The weather radio should alarm you when there is severe weather for your county. It should be loud enough to wake you during overnight severe weather. Remember the sirens in our neighborhoods are for those who are outside. They are not designed to be loud enough to be heard indoors.

You can be safe. Be prepared. We will help.

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