Great news!

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So many of you … friends, acquaintances, even total strangers reached out to me and my family when my dad appeared to be on his deathbed last year.  I am so grateful.  I’m also grateful for a wonderful email I received from my mom today.  Here is an excerpt:

Hi Erin.  Here’s the latest report.  We saw Dr. Chang, the neurologist at St. Joe’s yesterday.  He had gone over all the information again, including the most recent EEG and the last MRI (which was actually way back in May) and he declared that all images looked normal.  Dr. Chang just kept telling your dad how good he looked, ran him through several checks and marveled at his response speed and strength.  He said again, how badly “irritated” his brain had been, and how much blood there was from the rupture, and how lucky he was to have no evidence of permanent damage.   We also stopped in for a quick visit at Barrow’s.  We saw several of the nurses, the recreation coordinator, and Faith, the speech therapist.  They all congratulated Larry on how great he looked and how well he was doing.  He enjoyed the “fussing” over him!

Experiences like this put life in perspective.  Sometimes, after time passes, it’s easy to lose that perspective and revert to our old ways of getting worked up about things that in the long run, won’t really matter.  I know I sound like a “thought for the day” or a self-help book but it’s how I’m feeling right now.

Happy Wednesday,