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MORNING BUZZ: March Madness

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Good morning everyone. Patrick is off the rest of the week for his annual trip to Vegas to watch basketball and play poker. I was teasing him yesterday that I couldn’t think of anything more enjoyable than sitting inside a dark, depressing casino watching people waste away their hard-earned money. He quickly reminded me that they pump oxygen into those casinos so they are NOT depressing. I guess I’m kind of showing my true feelings about casinos. Not a fan. And, Vegas makes me exhausted. It’s stimulus overload and my brain cannot handle all the lights and people. I know, I am such a fun-hater! Anyway, I hope Patrick is having fun and is sleeping in! Not something we get to do very often.

So, have you filled out an NCAA bracket yet? Our morning show director, Joe DuSell is organizing a pool this year here at work. No, this isn’t gambling, it’s just for fun. And this year I decided I would give it a try. I have never actually filled out an entire bracket. I have Iowa State, Missouri, Syracuse and Kansas going to the Final Four. I know, go ahead and laugh. I do think Iowa State has a good chance tonight. You can tell the team is mad about being the underdogs even though they are the better seed. I hope they can prove everyone wrong. It would be so nice to see Coach Hoiberg have this kind of success.

Well, I am off. See you back here tomorrow. Hope you get to soak in some of the rays today.