ERIN OFF CAMERA: What the ?!?!?

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Hello friends!

Quote of the day:  “Oh my gosh, what in the world is happening around here?!?!?”  – John Bachman

Even better – JB said it when Andy Fales came out to the set during the six o’clock show to anchor sports.  It wasn’t meant to be offensive, it’s just that Andy never anchors sports during the week and we had no idea he was doing so tonight.

Quote of the weekend:  “This was the best Thanksgiving ever.”  – Heather Burnside

Except that it was St. Patrick’s Day!  Sonya, Michael and I got a lot of laughs out of this one – even through TODAY.  I understand why Heather was confused.  We had just eaten a ton of food and spent time with good friends so there was kind of a Thanksgiving sort of vibe.  Hilarious.

I am going to try to post adorable footage of my nieces serenading us … I’ve never done this before … fingers crossed …

OK, I am failing miserably at this.  BUT I did manage to post the clips to facebook.  They will make you smile.