ERIN OFF CAMERA: You Just Never Know

Erin Off Camera

Hello and Happy (almost the end of) Monday!

There have been several strange and sad stories in our newscasts over the last several days.  Some make you scratch your head and wonder, “What in the world?!?” while others leave you with a sense of dismay, disgust, grief or anger.

People often ask me how I manage to get through some of these stories without revealing those emotions on the air.  The answer is – sometimes I don’t.  I’ve fought back tears many times on TV and on occasion had to stifle all of those other feelings, too.  I’ve gone home after work and ranted and raved about horrible events and circumstances.  It’s easy to become very cynical and callous in this business but I’m finding out something about myself.  I think I’m becoming more sensitive and less judgmental.  Not about everything, mind you – but I do find myself thinking, “You just never know.”  It seems to me that it wouldn’t take too many changes in circumstances for any of us to fall right off the deep end.  Or at least that’s my reasoning these days.

Your thoughts?  As you get older are you becoming more or less judgmental?


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